MLB legend Alex Rodriguez is enjoying his post-retirement life to the fullest. The New York Yankees shortstop has been engaged in different ventures and is fulfilling all his objectives ultimately. Whether it’s real estate business, investment, or his MLB duties, Rodriguez is flawlessly performing all his duties. And while doing so, Rodriguez takes care of the family, including his daughters. The same spirit was reflected when he ensured that his daughter Natasha entered her dream college. He took help from the NFL great Tom Brady for this and got the success. But this move also brought pain with it!

Alex loves his daughters a lot and like any other caring father, it is tough for him to have them away from his eyes. A similar situation arrived after Rodriguez had to send his daughter to Michigan to join her college. Because of this, the MLB star continues to miss her. Natasha also understands this as she took the opportunity to make the situation better for her father. And she sent a beautiful gift to Rodriguez, which he loved.

Alex Rodriguez Gets a Beautiful Gift From Daughter Natasha


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The role of parents plays a huge role in every person’s life. But it comes at some sacrifice. And currently, Alex Rodriguez is making one for his daughter’s dream fulfilled. But it’s not been easy for him. Because of this, he often addresses the pain behind sending his daughter away from him. Rodriguez also reflected the same in messages to his daughter.


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Though Natasha loves her father, she is not often available to reply. And to bridge the gap, she shared a gift through Walmart. The package includes multiple items with a notion of parents’ care. It seems it was a great idea as Rodriguez loved it and thanked Natasha for it while wearing the hoodie gifted to him.

It was a lovely father-daughter moment. Though not for the first time, Alex shared something like this with his daughters. Days before, he changed his role to join his younger daughter, Ella, for shopping.


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Change in Role From Shortstop to Shopping Buddy for Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez loves his daughters a lot and do everything to be accompany them in any of their big or small outings. Whether it’s joining them for graduation or big stage performances, he is there to support them. For the same reason, Rodriguez changed his role while venturing out with his daughter Ella. The former shortstop became his daughter’s friend, during some designer shopping. He also accepted the title from Ella, who termed him ‘Shopping Buddy’.

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It was a lovely moment for the MLB legend and can be termed a part of many such interactions in the future, including him getting a gift from his daughter Natasha. Isn’t it adorable? What are your thoughts about Rodriguez as a father? Let us know in the comments.

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