Los Angeles sports fans were treated to a double dose of rising stardom this week. Thanks to WNBA rookies Cameron Brink and Rickea Jackson who took center stage alongside MLB superstar Shohei Ohtani. But why were they there at the Dodgers game?

The Stanford alum, Brink, the second overall pick in the recent WNBA Draft, and Jackson, the Tennessee standout drafted fourth, threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Dodgers’ home game. But the real highlight came before the pitch, where the young WNBA stars met the Dodgers’ reigning two-way sensation, Shohei Ohtani.

It was a special day for the sports lovers of Los Angeles


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The Dodgers’ social media team captured the heartwarming moment, sharing a picture of the trio posing in the clubhouse with the caption “Reppin’ LA.” This simple phrase perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the event: two rising stars in the WNBA world embracing their new home city alongside a globally recognized athlete. 

“For them to even want to bring us out, this means a lot,” Jackson told MLB.com, expressing the duo’s gratitude for the opportunity.  Jackson, already witnessing the WNBA’s growth firsthand, echoed the sentiment of many–“It’s about time. It’s just going to keep growing.” 

Apart from these inspirational words, there was another aspect of the entire episode that caught the attention of fans. The fact that Brink is taller than Ohtani created some buzz. Fans while drooling over two superstars in one frame, also shared some funny comments on what they think of the duo. 

Fans react to Shohei Ohtani’s height difference with Brink

Here’s what the fans had to say. One among many fans said “Damn she’s taller.”

Another fan highlighted the height difference. 

More comments flooded social media, but this one in particular was about Basketball players. 

Fans could not contain their appreciation for the duo. 


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And yet another comment on Brink’s height “She’s so tall”


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Keeping the height difference aside, this event, with her throwing the ceremonial first pitch, was more than just that. It signifies the growing recognition of the WNBA and the excitement surrounding its rising stars. With young talents like Brink and Jackson entering the league, the future of women’s basketball appears bright. And with established stars like Curry and Ohtani offering support and guidance, these young athletes have a strong foundation to build upon as they continue to inspire future generations.