USA Today via Reuters

USA Today via Reuters

It’s going to be close to a month since Netflix’s NASCAR: Full Speed was launched, allowing fans enough time to form their opinions on the show. While many fans praised NASCAR for capturing not only the drivers’ but also the crew members’ authentic personalities. However, does a camera always tell the truth or is the situation a lot different beind-the-scenes?

Speaking on the ‘Rubbin is Racing’ podcast, Wallace and the hosts were talking about the docuseries and how his crew chief, Bootie Barker, was an instant fan favourite owing to his vibrant character. However, it might not have been so without the 23XI Driver sharing some tips, as Wallace gave the community insight into how some crew members seem to conduct themselves wildly differently on camera.

Bubba Wallace gave the 23XI crew a pep talk before Netflix began filming


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Wallace agreed with the hosts that Bootie Barker was perhaps the hidden star of the series, also sharing that his character was the same every weekend at the track. Whilst this made it a lot of fun for Wallace to interact with his crew chief at work, the 30-year-old felt that Barker’s openness to doing things on camera also left a positive impression. He stated, “He was giving me some grief behind the camera for that but I thought he actually really did well with that and it’s cool to see.” 

Pointing out the difference between Baker’s openness and authenticity on camera to the reservations of some of the other crew members, Wallace also reflected on the time he had to give the team a pep talk to make them camera-ready. Back in 2022, Wallace appeared in the RACE: Bubba Wallace docuseries on Netflix, which explored the rise of the 23XI racer in the Cup Series, making him the ideal man to help the crew members bring out their genuine personalities.

Wallace shared, “We had a meeting about this, cuz obviously they were shooting some of our debrief stuff right, and I said, you know, I did my Netflix show a couple of years ago and it was really well, I have no problem being myself right I can tell you how I feel in a heartbeat. But you know, a lot of these guys have, I wouldn’t call them double personalities but it kind of is like that, not in a negative way though, of course.”

While the drivers are used to being on camera and in front of the media, the crew chief and crew members are usually hard at work behind the scenes. This makes putting on a genuine portrayal of themselves rather difficult owing to all the added pressure. Keeping this in mind, Wallace made sure to let the crew know they didn’t have to fear coming off in the wrong way if they acted naturally.

The 23XI driver concluded, There are some two-faced people for sure. I told them, ‘Hey, you know, be yourself like it’s okay if you throw an F-bomb here and there. If you’re frustrated, let people see that’. Because that’s what viewers want, they want to see your authentic self, they want you to be raw, they want you to be real.”

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It’s safe to say that the Netflix Docuseries did a brilliant job at helping the community get to see the personalities responsible for keeping the Cup Series cars running, and Wallace played his role as an acting coach perfectly. Speaking of 23XI racing and the Netflix series, Bubba Wallace also revealed the time of inauguration as well as the name of Denny Hamlin and Michael Jordan’s new facility that we saw on the show!

Wallace reveals the name of 23XI Racing’s new facility


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While the conversation on the Rubbin is Racing podcast was on the topic of NASCAR: Full Speed, the hosts were also curious to know when 23XI Racing was going to unveil the new facility we had gotten a sneak peek at in the series. Only recently, sources revealed that Denny Hamlin and 23XI Racing had secured a $16 million deal along with a new state-of-the-art facility that was to be constructed on a 15-acre site in Huntersville, North Carolina.

Wasting no time, Bubba Wallace spilt the beans on the new facility, Air Speed is what we’re calling it, that’s the name of the shop, so can’t say ‘shop’ anymore, gotta be Air Speed. It’s fine if I don’t say it, so Air Speed, hashtag Air Speed. It’s nice! Money is nice to have, you do a lot of nice things with that.” After nearly two decades, the Cup Series was finally getting a new facility, making the change in technology fairly evident.

Wallace added, “The industry hasn’t had a new race shop built in 20 years, and so it’s just state-of-the-art stuff now, so, really proud of the work that went into it, proud to be a part of it.” Reflecting on the date of commencement, he sharedI would say the middle of the season would be the full green light. Not open to the public yet, not sure when that will be. But yeah, it’s beautiful, and now that we’re getting our season started, we’re rolling through.”


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With 23XI Racing not only winning hearts on the Netflix docuseries but also making major moves in terms of infrastructure, do you think 2024 will be the year Denny Hamlin wins more as a team owner than as a driver for JGR?