Bubba Wallace Proposes Devious Plan to Stop Kyle Larson, Days After Apologizing to Michael Jordan

Published 05/22/2023, 4:27 PM EDT

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The Rule 4.4.C of NASCAR “lists ‘intentionally wrecking or spinning another vehicle, whether or not that vehicle is removed from Competition as a result’ as one of five member actions that could result in a penalty.” This rule was thrashed upon 23XI Racing’s Bubba Wallace, back in October 2022. As a result of this, the racer was suspended for one race, eventually being sidelined for the race at the Homestead-Miami Speedway

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This brings back memories from the race back in Las Vegas when Bubba Wallace wrecked into the Hendrick Motorsports speedster, Kyle Larson, after coming out from Turn 4. The crash took an unsuspecting Christopher Bell out of contention as well. The incident didn’t end there. Wallace went on to shove Kyle Larson multiple times on the infield after coming out of the car. The driver was suspended for one race and the governing body also set a precedent.

Bubba Wallace drops his bombshell plan for his fellow driver at Wilkesboro


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It’s been seven months since this infamous incident, or what a majority of people termed as “an act of retaliation” took place. While many have argued that the suspension was fitting, several others have claimed otherwise, as they believed that Wallace’s boss Denny Hamlin would have taken the same step.

I mean Denny may have parked him, anyway. I think Denny was pretty upset about what happened and upset to the point that he took his name off the door,” Kaulig Racing spotter Brett Griffin had said after NASCAR handed the suspension. 


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Nevertheless, the ongoing season has not been up to the mark for the #23 driver. Wallace has been involved in a number of wrecks. He also apologized to his team boss, Michael Jordan, for his behavior during the race at Darlington. He was heard saying on the radio, Dude. Sorry Steve, MJ. I might get fined after this f***ing race,” the driver stated.

While the incident at South Point 400 is still fresh in the minds of NASCAR fans, it seems that Wallace is digging his own grave, even with what evidently looks like a playful expression. This happened during a post-race interview at the North Wilkesboro Speedway.

The video was posted by motorsport journalist Matt Weaver with the captions, “‘We won the best of the rest,’ says Bubba Wallace and he says it’s no shame losing to the 5 but they come here to win too. Also, fun little exchange between me and Bubba about this surface at the end of the video.”

Wallace, after claiming the second position in the All-Stars-Race, said, It is still real. It is still rolling. So pumped up for our team. Tyler finished at third. That was good and fun.”

Matt Weaver asked the driver, “We come back up here, you guys up front up again. You think you guys can win it?”

To this, Wallace dropped his bombshell comment, “I think if you just wreck the 5 [Kyle Larson], on lap one, it’s fine. So take him out of contentions and then you go and fight with everybody else.”

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NASCAR enthusiasts react to the 23XI Racing driver’s comments

With such an exclamation, the 23XI Racing driver has been subjected to negative comments shared by the fans under the post.

Someone wrote, Did you miss the finger and accusing Larson of cheating? Never rooting for this guy again.

Another wrote, “Blaming his engineers now?”


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There were more comments like “1st loser,” “Bubba is an idiot,” and “2nd place in a non-points race whooptie doo.”


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Given his past incidents, fans believe that Wallace should be a bit mindful of the words that he chooses to use, even if it is just in jest. Or who knows, this might lead to some serious issues for the driver and perhaps subject him to more negative comments from NASCAR enthusiasts or even penalized by the authorities.

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