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In the recent past, NASCAR fans have witnessed a lot of their favorite drivers retire. It all began with the retirement of Jeff Gordon, a legend who left the sport while he was still at the top of his game. Following him, Tony Stewart, Carl Edwards, Dale Earnhardt Jr, and Jimmie Johnson joined the list. One retirement that caught everyone off guard was Carl Edwards’, right after the 2016 championship. However, among all the retired drivers, the one fans yearn to see back on the track, at the moment, is Carl Edwards.

They miss his signature backflips and his aggressive driving style, not to mention his undeniable fitness for racing. There has been considerable speculation about Edwards’s potential comeback this year, fueled by his appearances at Darlington and now Nashville. In a recent interview at Nashville, Edwards shared surprising insights about his potential return to racing.

Rather Than Answering Questions, Carl Edwards Confuses Fans With His “Comeback” Talks


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During the post-Ally 400 media appearances, the 43-year-old was asked about the possibility of making a comeback in racing this year. However, he promptly denied any plans to do so and provided his reasons for it.

While he had teased a comeback before, Carl now confused fans by saying, “I’m not planning on doing any driving. This is the tip of the spear I mean these guys are so good that I would be terribly slow so I’d have to prep a lot. Seriously that’s the truth and for me, I really feel racing is a risky sport. There is risk involved and if I’m not committed 100 percent and I don’t feel that it’s the right thing for me to go do for fun.”

Carl continued by giving reasons, “I’ve been paying attention the hits are hard it’s one of the reasons I’m not racing because I’m aware of that.”

“If it creeps in and something we want to go do, then I promise you I’ll give it a hundred percent I’ll do the best I can. But for right now, no, I’m not planning on anything,” he concluded. A puzzling statement, isn’t it?

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However, there have been discussions suggesting that Carl Edwards may race one or two events for Trackhouse this year. Kenny Wallace weighed in on the matter after hearing Carl’s comments, adding fuel to the fire.

Kenny Wallace Opens Up and Shares the Untold Truth About Carl Edwards


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Despite Carl Edwards’ reasons for denying a comeback, he made appearances at Darlington and Nashville, sparking further speculation. In one of his latest YouTube videos, Kenny Wallace expressed his belief that Carl looks physically prepared, resembling a football player, and suggested that Edwards may be feeling bored.


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Wallace addressed, “I truly think Carl is bored out of his mind”

He continued, “I still think Carl is going to run a race this year he says ‘Oh it’s serious I’m not gonna do it if I’m not ready’ Well you are already taunting us I’m not gonna do it if I’m not ready. Well, the man looks like a football player. His fave is chiseled out, and he’s ready to go Carl just go on with it and announce it.”


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Only time will reveal whether Carl Edwards will indeed make a comeback, and if so, when and where it will happen.