Days After Spine-Chilling Daytona Escape, Bubba Wallace Reveals Ryan Preece’s Hilarious “Nicole Kidman” Update

Published 09/01/2023, 9:19 AM EDT

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After witnessing the alarming ‘big one’, it was a relief for many to see Ryan Preece emerge unscathed. Jeff Burton highlighted the terrifying sight of Preece’s 3500-pound car flipping in the air nearly ten times. After the harrowing event, Preece was kept for overnight observation at Halifax Health Medical Center and was released the following morning.

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Such frightening flips have become rarer in recent times, thanks to NASCAR’s technological advancements. Still, the long-term repercussions of concussions from severe crashes cannot be overlooked. For instance, last year, both Kurt Busch and Alex Bowman suffered from concussions following similar incidents. As a result, Busch had to step away this year, while Bowman missed the playoffs.

After the crash, the state of Preece’s car drew widespread shock, prompting many, including Bubba Wallace, to check in on his well-being. But, amid all this concern, Preece recently gave a response that not only caught everyone off guard but also brought a chuckle out of Wallace.


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Bubba Wallace chuckles after Ryan Preece’s reply

In the aftermath of a nerve-wracking rollover, race victor Chris Buescher expressed his empathy during a post-race interview, recalling his harrowing experience from the previous year’s Coca-Cola 600. Notably, Michael Jordan, Bubba Wallace’s team owner, also reached out, emphasizing the severity of the impact Preece had faced.

In fact, Bubba Wallace has too has tasted the bitterness of such crashes firsthand, having experienced a terrifying brake failure in 2018 at Pocono. All of this prompted Wallace to immediately touch base with both Ryan Blaney and Ryan Preece after their accidents.


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Talking to Bob Pockrass recently, Bubba revealed how his conversation with Preece went. He said, “One thing I did was call both of them right away, text both of them right away and continue to check up on to see how they are feeling and see any progress”

The conversation took a humorous turn when Wallace recounted Ryan Preece’s quirky reply. As he couldn’t stop laughing, Wallace said, “Preece is Preece, love him. I texted him Monday he said he can confirm that Nicole Kidman does not work at the hospital at Daytona and I lost when he said that.”

In case you are unaware, with his comment, Preece made a pop culture reference to Tom Cruise starer, ‘Days of Thunder’ where Nicole Kidman plays Dr. Claire Lewicki.

Preece was in a good position, running third just a few laps prior to the crash, aiming to beat his season’s best finish at Richmond. Meanwhile, Bubba Wallace, having secured his playoff spot, opted for a silent reaction rather than an exuberant celebration, a decision he later shed light on.

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Why Bubba Wallace toned down his playoff celebrations?


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Amidst the jubilation at 23XI Racing, with even $3.5 billion co-owner Michael Jordan celebrating exuberantly, Bubba Wallace, unable to conceal his emotions, appeared quite somber.

The moment Chris Buescher crossed the finish line, not allowing a new winner to take the last playoff spot, the immense pressure lifted off of Bubba’s shoulders. He paused, placing a hand on his #23 Toyota Camry, bowing his head in deep reflection. The preceding races, particularly the challenging road courses that had proven difficult for him, truly tested his mettle.

As per, post-race, Wallace opened up about the mental toll, admitting, “I’m just mentally exhausted. This week was probably the hardest week I’ve had in a long time, just trying to stay hyper-focused. Stressed out to the max and waking up at 2:30 in the morning.”


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On his sixth try as a full-time Cup driver, he has finally secured a spot in the playoffs. After embracing his sister, Wallace became emotional and teary-eyed, while trying to collect his thoughts. Do you believe he has the potential to contend for the championship?

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