Denny Hamlin & Chase Elliott’s Resurfaced Double Attack Against Ross Chastain Triggers Fans to Call Out the Hypocrisy

Published 06/02/2023, 7:25 AM EDT

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Charlotte Motor Speedway surely delivered. The crashes at the track, as usual, became the talk of the town. The wreck between Chase Elliott and Denny Hamlin has taken over the headlines. Ultimately, the heated brawl between the #9 Camaro and #11 Toyota proved harmful to the drivers. Elliott, who was found at fault for causing the collision on purpose, will serve a one-race ban as a result of the incident. Although the altercation has mainly had Hamlin and Elliott at the fore, Ross Chastain has now also become a part of the conversation.

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Whenever there has been mention of penalties or reckless driving, Chastain has found a place in the conversation. The fandom has yet again brought up the Trackhouse Racing Team driver as they shout ‘hypocrisy’ looking at something NASCAR recently posted.

The Aftermath of the Crash Heats Up as Denny Hamlin Brings Up Charts


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Following the crash, NASCAR suspended the Hendrick Motorsports ace for violating Member Code of Conduct Sections 4.3.A. and 4.4.C and D. The penalty sees Elliott miss a drive at the Gateway next weekend. One of the active critics of the incident was Hamlin himself. He has been quite vocal in expressing his thoughts about the crash.

After the race, Hamlin looked furious as the wreck left both the cars vulnerable. Venting his frustration on the crash, he says, “I got right-rear hooked in the middle of the straightaway. It’s a tantrum, and he shouldn’t be racing next week. Right rear hooks are absolutely unacceptable.”


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Hamlin has also taken steps to solidify his claims further. Taking the discussion to Twitter, he lays the foundations for his allegations of intentional contact by Elliott. Giving us a look at what looks to be a simulation setup of the crash, the 23XI Racing co-owner claims Elliott gave in extra effort to hook in Hamlin.

Meanwhile, Elliott has pleaded innocence in this case. “Once you hit the wall in these things, you can’t drive them anymore. Just an unfortunate circumstance,” said Elliott.

Amidst all the ruckus, fans have cried foul at Hamlin’s claims as well. The incident at Charlotte has been turning out as a show of contrast as alleged by a certain section of fans.

Fans Call Out the Hypocrisy of Denny Hamlin

Ross Chastain is never far away from controversy. Even in the current scenario, he wasn’t a part of what happened at Charlotte. But his style of driving has not helped his reputation as a driver. However, this time it is something different, as this time we are seeing fans supporting Chastain while calling out Hamlin and Elliott.

With the Gateway race right around the corner, NASCAR posted the highlights of last year’s race where fans found out something interesting. In the video, we can see how both #11 and #9 almost ‘double-teamed’ against Chastain.

Looking at the recent Charlotte incident, and then these highlights, fans basically asked Hamlin to get off of his high horse. One fan talked about how tracks should be curated for Hamlin to win. He wrote, “I’m surprised that nascar doesn’t have spike strips put down for Elliott and Chastain so “Mr. Nascar Hamlin” can win every week!”.

“The funny part is Hamlin tried to intentionally turn Chastain he just missed.”

“Really tired of hearing from NASCAR and the announcing booth how bad Ross is racing seasoned drivers. Ross brings racing to those boys and the can’t stand to see such success so soon and obviously so much better than #9, #11. Let go of Ross’s throat already and find a real story to turn to.”


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“Theres still time for Denny to do some more crying to get Chastain suspended for the race Then Nascar can just declare Hamlin the winner and we can all do something better with our Sunday!!

Some fans also pointed out that Chastain hitting the back of Hamlin last year didn’t become as big as Elliott hitting Hamlin.

“What’s the difference between Chastain wrecking Hamlin and Elliott wrecking Hamlin?” says another drawing similarities between the two wrecks.


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Might sound like a regular day at NASCAR, but Elliott’s suspension draws attention to a long-time discussion. The question still remains open for modifications as more views on the incident keep pouring in.



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