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Now that the 2024 Busch Light Clash is successfully over despite the irregularities NASCAR had to deal with throughout the weekend, no driver is beaming with joy quite like Denny Hamlin. Not only did the star of the recent NASCAR Netflix series shine brightly in Hollywood, but Hamlin also riled up the crowd with his dramatic ‘I beat your favorite driver’ one-liner. However, not every team owner was as pleased with the 2024 Clash at the Coliseum results as the 23XI boss.

In a recent tweet on X, Justin Marks detailed the many changes he would like to see in the Bush Light Clash next season. While most of the changes were related to future track locations and infrastructure, one point stood out to Denny Hamlin like a sore thumb. But what could have possibly bothered the man who took home the biggest accolade of the weekend?

Denny Hamlin and Justin Marks put NASCAR in a dilemma over choosing between quantity and quality


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Justin Marks, the owner of Trackhouse Racing, felt that the sport had to make major changes that not only brought in track rotation but also ensured a larger pool of participation. Marks wrote on X, “Heck of a show. All entries start with the main. But produce it at a level that makes it a true promotional event for the TV viewers.” And that very point about more inclusivity in the Bush Light Clash is what the host of Action Detrimental felt would ironically be a detriment to the event’s prestige.

In the latest episode of his podcast ‘Actions Detrimental’, Denny Hamlin shared, “The race pays a quarter of what other races do. That’s why you’re gonna hear teams say,Man, we just spent all this money coming out here, putting on a show for you guys, and we’re not even allowed to race? I am of the opinion though that less is more.” Hamlin felt that having an air of tension and not having the big names make it to each main event would perhaps add that level of spice that fans had been keen on seeing for many seasons.

He further stated, “All-Star races should be for all-stars. I mean, the playoffs should be for the best. If you just keep inviting everyone, then it’s not that prestigious anymore,right? So I am definitely a fan of ‘less is more’. I thought it cleaned up the race quite a bit, having fewer cars on it.” With only 23 cars making it to the Clash this year, the short track seemed to be perfectly saturated. This not only allowed various drivers like Ty Gibbs, Kyle Busch and Joey Logano challenge for the lead, but it created a great race for Denny Hamlin to look back on.

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However, while it is true that having a lesser number of cars on the field creates additional action between the top drivers, there’s a major factor that fails to consider the losses incurred by teams that fail to qualify. Speaking of which, Denny Hamlin was fair enough to highlight both sides of the coin.

The Busch Light Clash at the Coliseum has some grievances that need to be addressed


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On one hand, Hamlin was fairly vocal in true fashion and was upfront about why he feels that all teams should not make the feature. But still, the financial issues faced by teams proved hard to ignore for the co-owner of 23XI Racing. After all, a team has to make major arrangements to undertake the logistical challenge of travelling cross country. But if in the end there is no return on that investment, was it an investment worth making?


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Denny Hamlin shared, “I mean, I get that, especially in this type of deal where for the teams financially, this is not a good race for the teams whatsoever.” Speaking of which, Hamlin further explained that the size of the winnings was marginal compared to other events, which reduced the incentive to show up even further. There was a lot more to lose than to gain for many teams.


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He added, “If you notice, the purse is probably like a quarter of what a normal purse would be. It still costs the team the same amount of money, if not more, to go out to LA than it does any other points race. Other than the pit crews, which are all salaried, so that doesn’t matter anyway, it’s just the travel of them.” So with the teams that failed to qualify getting the short end of the stick, do you think there need to be changes made that make the event more inclusive?

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