Fans Destroy Joey Logano’s Teammate for Calling Kyle Busch a “D**khead” During the All-Star Race

Published 05/22/2023, 2:27 PM EDT

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Kimi Raikkonen’s famous lines “Leave me alone, I know what I’m doing” to Lewis Hamilton’s radio call “It’s hammer time,” the radio conversations between the drivers and their personnel are a treat for fans. It inevitably captures the on-track mood and adrenaline rush. Ranging from funny to crass exchanges, the conversations might not always turn out to be sweet for the ears.

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More often than not, it is the serious issues and strategies that take place in the radio conversations. But these chatterings often provide a sneak peek into the intricacies of motorsports.

Ryan Blaney shoots out curse words toward his fellow driver at North Wilkesboro


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Every fan would undeniably love to know what their favorite driver is going through at a given time during the race. And these radio conversations are a gateway to that. However, there have been numerous instances where Cup Series drivers have hurled an earful of curses at their fellow drivers out of frustration. Things may take a bitter turn, as drivers often heave their frustrations over their headsets. And things that are spoken over the waves are not bleeped out.

There has been a precedent where Kurt Busch considered that all radio conversations should remain private, or as he termed it “eavesdropping.” A similar incident took place on Sunday at the All-Star-Racing at North Wilkesboro Speedway. And at the center of this controversy is Team Penske’s driver, Ryan Blaney. The #12 had heaved a few curse words towards the Richard Childress Racing driver, Kyle Busch.


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This was revealed by the NASCAR reporter, Chris Knight, through his tweet. He posted on his profile, Before the yellow, Blaney was animated on the radio. Ryan Blaney: “F*** Kyle, give me a chance to get out of your way d$%#@ head. I am assuming he meant Kyle Busch.

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Kyle Busch fans leave their comments, crushing Blaney

Whether the two-time Cup Series had expressed his thoughts on this matter is not known. But it is Busch’s fans that came to his rescue and left their comments for Ryan Blaney, which completely destroys his stance. 

One fan wrote, “Like Blaney is any more of a better driver.”

Another wrote, “Bro became such a crybaby.”

While others wrote:


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“Blaney talks like a dude 100 pounds heavier than he is. Also, he s****.”

“Dude fell off quick” 

“Having Wrangler on the hood has him feeling like Earnhardt”


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There might not be a beef between Ryan Blaney and Kyle Busch, as they are both aware of the fact it was just the heat of the moment that lead Blaney to express those words. But as a matter of fact, sometimes these conversations are entertaining and often add the extra kick for the NASCAR fans, making it a one-of-a-kind sport.

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