15 Years Ago, the Enigmatic Matt Kenseth and Jeff Gordon Wrecked Hard in a Nail-Biting Finish at Las Vegas

Published 10/13/2023, 3:13 PM EDT

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Some moments etch themselves into history. On March 2nd, 2008, at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, a collision between two titans of the track, Jeff Gordon and Matt Kenseth, created a defining moment. Also, this clash, prompted by a late-race restart, resulted in one of the most ferocious wrecks in Jeff Gordon’s career. It was an incident that changed the course of his career and left him battling severe back pain.

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On that fateful day in 2008, during lap 264 of the UAW-Dodge 400 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series witnessed a moment that would be forever etched in its history. Jeff Gordon, driving his #24 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports, and Matt Kenseth, behind the wheel of a Ford, found themselves locked in a high-speed duel. It was a battle for supremacy, but it would soon take a catastrophic turn.

Looking back at a wreck that would change Jeff Gordon’s career


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As the race approached its climax, Gordon was in pursuit of glory. Driving the #24 Chevrolet, he was determined to secure victory. But fate had a different plan. In the heat of the moment, Matt Kenseth’s Ford came into contact with Gordon’s Chevrolet, setting off a chain of events that would leave a lasting mark for Jeff Gordon.

When Gordon clipped Kenseth’s car, it sent him spinning out of control, and the ensuing collision was nothing short of horrifying. Jeff Gordon’s Chevrolet was propelled into the inside backstretch retaining wall. It was a brutal impact that would haunt him for years to come. In Gordon’s own words, it was “probably the hardest I’ve ever hit.”


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Despite the magnitude of the crash, Gordon miraculously escaped without serious injury. However, the toll on his body was evident. He suffered from a sore stomach, a battered elbow, and most notably, excruciating back pain. This life-changing incident marked the beginning of a relentless battle with back issues that would significantly impact his career.

Jeff Gordon’s courageous spirit led him to overcome the physical and emotional toll of that crash. Also, his determination to get back behind the wheel, despite the lingering pain, showcased his commitment to the sport and his pursuit of excellence.

The crash at Las Vegas Motor Speedway was not just a personal ordeal for Jeff Gordon. It also served as a wake-up call for the NASCAR community and track safety standards. The absence of a steel and foam energy reduction (SAFER) barrier along the wall intensified the impact. It also led to the radiator breaking free from Gordon’s car.

Gordon, frustrated by the lack of protective measures, criticized the speedway, saying, “I’m really disappointed right now in this speedway for not having a soft wall back there. And even being able to get to that part of the wall. That kind of hit shouldn’t happen. It’s just uncalled for. There’s no reason why any track should have that [kind of opening].”

Back in 2021, Gordon, while speaking with Bob Pockwass, credited the Head and Neck Support (HANS) device for saving his life during that devastating crash. This vital piece of safety equipment, designed to reduce the risk of head and neck injuries, played a crucial role in protecting Gordon from more severe harm.

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The incident, although horrifying, didn’t impact Gordon’s performance in the very next race.

Jeff Gordon came back from the wreck and took pole position in his very next race at Atlanta Motor Speedway


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Just one week after his harrowing crash at Las Vegas, Jeff Gordon demonstrated incredible resilience. Despite the physical toll and emotional trauma, he bounced back. Gordon secured pole position for the NASCAR Sprint Cup race at Atlanta Motor Speedway, with a blistering lap of 185.251 mph on the 1.5-mile oval. Also, his remarkable recovery was a testament to his determination and the support of his team.

Reflecting on his ordeal, Gordon shared, “My stomach was sore, and my elbow was banged up, but I was able to put that aside in the race car.” This statement encapsulated his ability to compartmentalize the physical pain. When he returned to the track and claimed pole position, Gordon declared, “This makes me feel just fine.” His triumphant return to the driver’s seat served as an inspiring chapter in his storied career, showcasing his resilience.


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The sport continues to evolve, with safety always at the forefront, ensuring that the legends of the track can pursue victory without compromising their well-being.



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