‘Head Mistress of Intuwitchin’ Helps Danica Patrick in Unearthing Tragic History Behind “Witch Wound”

Published 06/02/2023, 11:48 AM EDT

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The guests that Danica Patrick hosts on her podcasts are nothing less than genius. In recent times, her podcast, Pretty Intense, has received an unprecedented amount of attention and love from her followers. Whether it’s related to motor racing or not, she makes sure she enlightens her listeners on a gamut of topics.  

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Apart from being an active voice in the world of racing, the most successful woman in American open-wheel racing is also a lifestyle coach. She tries and inspires people by trying to delve deeper into the psyche of humans and provide the answers to the questions which have remained unanswered for a long time.  

And her latest episode of Pretty Intense is quite distinctive and captivating for the listeners, as she speaks on witches and witchcraft as she hosted Mia Magik, who claims to be the headmistress of Intuwitchin.


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Danica Patrick Talks About Witches and Witchcraft in the Latest Episode of Pretty Intense

From the Three Witches’ lines “Double, double toil and trouble” in Macbeth to Hermione’s “Wingardium Leviosa” the world has witnessed a lot of witchcraft. But very few know the origin of witches and why they were hunted by the people in ancient cultures. Witches and witchcraft have always occupied liminal positions in contemporary culture and are often shunned by civilized society.

But Danica Patrick and her podcast guest Mia Magik tried to break the misbeliefs and provided insights into the origin of witchcraft and how it is still a part of today’s world. She posted the discussion on her Instagram profile with the short clips from the podcast and jotted down the lines My guest on the podcast this week is @MiaMagik! Mia calls herself the “Head Mistress of Intuwitchin”. 


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This is a spicy one in so many ways! We talk about the powers of sex magic for healing and making your dreams a reality. We also talk about the history of witches, why they were mass murdered, and what their murderers did not want people to know. Sex has been made so taboo or dirty to talk about…. But that’s how you and I are here so it is in fact very normal, natural and special!”

Speaking on an array of topics, the guest tried to reach down the roots of the word wh*re. She expressed, “The word for ‘hor’ in Hebrew, where we get our w***e word means womb or cave. A hor is a womb, it’s a cave, it’s a sacred place. Womb of the Earth where we can go and return to the mother. You know we started with the word weird. I’m a Gemini. I love words I love communicating.”

 She also added, “I really feel deeply that so much of Mary Magdalene is or was in the Bible and how she’s represented in religion, the same as like how witches are represented when the word means wise. It’s like witches were the doctors in every village.”

“It appears to me that she’s just misrepresented and she was very likely the wife of Jesus and his counterpart in charging and in utilizing Sex Magic and creative energy. They are the same frequency we make love we make a baby right? Its creative sexual energy is creative energy.” 

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Do people suffer from witch wounds?

While delving deeper into the concept of witchcraft and witch wounds and how it affects the genders in different ways. She continued, “The witch wound affects men in a totally different way because they were actually supposed to protect those women who were burned. So like people really negate men from witch wounds but like that’s outrageous.” 

“Because imagine it was your sister or your daughter or your wife who is being stripped out of your house and put up in a pyre or drowned. There is a massive, witch wound, and of course, men also like anyone who was practicing magic or earth-based wisdom or using the medicine of plants which was the only medicine we had.”

“With the cult of Isis, I love just the magic of utilizing energy as technology. That’s what Tantra really is, like the energetic alchemy this elemental union of like breath and sound and movement through the body and the sweet waters and sweat and the tears and like all of the elements that make our bodies wielding them for our desires for our healing.”


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The guest also left her comments under the post, Thanks so much for having me sis, and boiling all the frogs!!”


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The latest episode of Pretty Intense was a paradigmatic shift, as compared to the other episodes of her podcast. Speaking on wizardry and witchcraft is not a commonplace topic but Patrick made sure to remove all the misbeliefs and shatter all the taboos that were related to it.   

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