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Hours After Denny Hamlin Got Victimized, Bubba Wallace Insider’s Warning to Chase Elliott Fans Triggers Outrage

Published 05/31/2023, 9:51 AM EDT

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NASCAR fans are no strangers to controversies, and it’s undeniable that every race brings different perspectives and surprises. After being postponed for a day, the Coca-Cola 600 was no exception. One notable incident in the race was the wreck between Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott. This captured the attention of everyone and raised concerns about Chase’s approach.

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Freddie Kraft, the spotter for Bubba Wallace, shared his opinion on this matter through a tweet. In doing so, he also teased HMS star’s fans. This further prompted them to come to Chase’s defense, filling the comment section with their opinions.

Freddie Kraft Makes Chase Elliott’s Fans Angry With a Simple Tweet


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Amidst the controversies and calls for the suspension of Chase Elliott, numerous individuals shared their opinions on the matter. One of them was Freddie Kraft, the co-host of the Door Bumper Clear podcast, who stated that he would express his opinion on the topic during the podcast.

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In his tweet, Kraft wrote, “What a night. Felt like we passed 600 cars last night. @BubbaWallace’s restarts at the end were phenomenal. Kept the top 5 streak alive.”


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Then he went on to specifically addressed those defending Chase, stating, “Oh and those of you defending Chase, Ha! 😂 I’ll save my opinion for DBC today.”

NASCAR’s Golden Boy’s fans predicted Freddie Kraft’s opinion and expressed their responses to his tweet. They believed he has shown a bias toward favoring Denny Hamlin in the past, and will do the same this time as well.

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Fans Defend Chase Elliott and Predict Bubba Wallace Insiders’ Take

Fans took to Twitter to express their support for Chase Elliott and shared a variety of responses while speculating what Kraft would say at the Door Bumper Clear podcast. Some dismissively expressed their disinterest, saying, “No one really cares what you think. You’re just a guy with a microphone.”

Others humorously suggested skipping that part of the show, stating, “Guess I’ll have to fast forward that section of the show lol””

Some playfully remarked on the upcoming opinions, saying, “Time to hear the opinions of people who watch cars just like I do. Door dumper clear see I can do it to”


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Certain fans predicted that the co-hosts, particularly Freddie Kraft, might show a bias towards Denny Hamlin, with comments like, “It’s funny because Denny is your boss your trying to help get him suspended’.”

There were also comments insinuating that the co-hosts would simply follow the “corporate line”  while accusing them of being apologists for Denny Hamlin. “We already know your opinion. Follow the corporate line” and “You are a Denny apologist so we know what you are going to say. Denny is great”


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One fan expressed a different perspective, stating, “I don’t care if it’s intentional or not.  What happened to letting them handle their business on track.  Why would he own it based on all that has been happening when drivers run their mouth.”



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