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“Karma’s a B**ch” – Richard Childress Racing Driver’s Payback Towards Notoriously Infamous Joe Gibbs Racing Star Divides NASCAR World

Published 06/04/2023, 4:11 PM EDT

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Every weekend, as NASCAR drivers engage in high-octane racing, occasionally contacts are bound to happen. Sometimes, these incidents are accidental, while at other times they can be intentional.

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Once again, NASCAR made headlines following a controversial wreck involving Hamin and Elliott. This time, the attention shifted to the Xfinity race at Portland. NASCAR grabbed headlines once again due to a controversial wreck involving drivers John Hunter Nemechek and Sheldon Creed.

Throughout the race, they were closely racing each other, resulting in contact and spins. Initially, Creed spun due to contact with Nemechek, and later, Nemechek spun due to Creed. This raised controversy among fans, with some suggesting that Creed intentionally wrecked Nemechek as payback for prior contact.


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After Intense Spins Nemechek and Creed Trigger Controversy in Portland Race

It all started when John Hunter Nemechek and polesitter Sheldon Creed engaged in an exciting battle during the race. In Stage 1, the RCR driver led until two laps to go, with Nemechek closely behind. Later, On the final lap of Stage 1, Nemechek initially took the lead, but he overdrove his car at the last corner, allowing Creed to regain the lead and win the stage. Throughout the lap, Nemechek attempted to block Creed.

In Stage 2, the number 20 driver slipped to the third position while Creed led the race. Once again, on the last lap of Stage 2, Creed was in the lead, with Nemechek behind him. However, Nemechek’s car made contact with the right rear of #2, causing Creed to spin. This incident raised numerous questions among fans.


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During the final stage, with 20 laps to go, Nemechek was leading, and a driver from RCR was behind him. Once again, Nemechek overdrove his car, and Creed attempted to pass him, resulting in contact. This time, Nemechek’s Toyota spun around. The incident captured the attention of fans, and they expressed varied responses to the situation.

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Controversial Responses and Comparisons After Nascar Incident Divide Fans

The recent incident in the race between John Hunter Nemechek and Sheldon Creed at Portland has sparked a wave of controversial responses from Nascar fans. Some fans even drew comparisons to the headline-making wreck involving Hamlin and Elliott.

Opinions varied among fans, with some targeting RCR driver Sheldon Creed, suggesting, “JHN has bigger fish to fry next year in cup, Creed can enjoy a career in the lower series.”

One comment that gained attention stated, “Karma’s a b**ch.”


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While someone else wrote, “nemechek got nemecheked.”

Someone even advocated for a lifetime ban on Creed, stating, “Ban him for life. No place for that kinda thing in this sport.”

Another fan referenced the recent wreck involving Chase Elliott, stating, “See @chaseelliott this is how you get payback without getting suspended’


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There were also comments questioning Creed’s abilities and criticism of the use of cars as weapons: “This is what happens when you don’t handle things face to face. The only thing these guys know is using their cars as weapons.”

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