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Kyle Busch Compares Joe Gibbs With Richard Childress in “Traveling Circus” Talks

Published 09/25/2023, 5:55 PM EDT

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In the world of NASCAR, change is inevitable. Drivers switch teams, crew chiefs move, and alliances shift. It’s a dynamic environment where adaptability is key. Kyle Busch, who spent a remarkable 15 years with Joe Gibbs Racing, now finds himself in the ranks of Richard Childress Racing. However, in a recent interview, Kyle Busch opened up about his experiences with his new boss Richard Childress.

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As Kyle Busch just recently crossed his one-year anniversary with RCR, he reflects on his journey and the differences between his former boss, Joe Gibbs, and his current team owner, Richard Childress. Busch acknowledges that the transition to a new team has been both eye-opening and rewarding.

Kyle Busch’s ‘traveling circus’


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The transition from Joe Gibbs Racing to Richard Childress Racing marked a significant shift in Kyle Busch’s NASCAR career. When asked about his experience working with Richard Childress, Busch provided intriguing insights. He described the dynamic as being different in terms of personalities, but emphasized the familiar sense of NASCAR being a “traveling circus” where things tend to work out the same way.

In a recent 1 on 1 sitdown with NASCAR, Alex Weaver asked Busch, “What has it been like working with Richard having him as the Boss Man?” Busch candidly compared the two team owners, emphasizing that while their roles may differ, the essence of NASCAR remains remarkably consistent.


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He commented, “Well, he’s the boss first. So yeah, you know, just working for him. Yes Sir, No Sir, hey can we do this? and it’s just been really good. It’s been me… kind of taking the visual of what I’ve known from ‘coach’ over the years and now seeing Richard and another way of doing things. We’re all a traveling circus, and we all learn so much from just watching what others do that it’s not all that much different. It’s just the people and the personalities that are different.”

Busch’s perspective on working for Childress and drawing parallels with his time under Joe Gibbs sheds light on the unique character of each team owner. The essence of NASCAR, with its constant movement and adaptation, remains a common thread.

While Busch’s journey with RCR has seen successes, especially with three wins to his name, the playoffs have presented a challenging phase. A string of less-than-ideal finishes has raised concerns.

Kyle Busch isn’t too confident about the upcoming race at Talladega

After a 34th-place finish at Texas, where an early spin halted his race, Busch didn’t mince words about his performance. He admitted to feeling like a letdown to his team and voiced frustration at not delivering the expected results.

Busch’s candid self-assessment is a stark contrast to the expectations of his fans. The two-time NASCAR champion expressed his disappointment, stating, “A complete let down to my team right now, not being able to get the results that we need. Every time I try, I crash and now it’s like the less I try the more I ride around, the better day we have.” With Talladega on the horizon, a track where he previously tasted victory this season, Busch’s reservations about his chances hint at the complexities of the sport.


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When asked about the chances of him getting lucky again at Talladega, Busch said, “Not very good. We’re gonna go there and fight as hard as we can and run hard. RCR has a strong restrictor plate program, so that’s all we can do.”


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Do you think Busch can repeat his heroics at Talladega a second time of asking? Let us know your thoughts and predictions in the comments below.

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