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In recent events, a major controversy has engulfed NASCAR, with Chase Elliott finding himself at the center of it all. The decision by NASCAR to suspend him for the WWT race, for right-hooking Denny Hamlin, has ignited intense debates within the NASCAR community. However, the controversy doesn’t stop there, as various individuals continue to fuel the fire with their decisions and opinions following the unfortunate wreck. The latest take on the matter comes from none other than Kyle Busch‘s longstanding rival, Joey Logano.

While Busch’s team sees a very similar Elliott-Hamlin drama with Austin Cindric and Austin Dillon, Logano decided to dive into the controversy surrounding the right rear hooking incident at Charlotte Motor Speedway, shedding light on the drama that has captured the attention of fans.

Joey Logano Give a Contentious Take About Aggressive Racing and Close Encounters


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In NASCAR, wrecks can occur unintentionally due to the drivers’ close racing and tight proximity. And sometimes, simple contacts often lead to unfortunate DNFs. Recently, a wreck involving Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott stirred up drama. However, the controversy continued in the next race at World Wide Technology when a similar right hooking incident happened, involving Austin Dillon, Kyle Busch’s RCR teammate.

Surprisingly, no penalties were issued on this occasion. Defending champion Joey Logano addressed these recurring incidents of right hooking during an interview on Sirius XM NASCAR Radio, shedding light on the matter.

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He started, “I don’t think there’s any excuse for hitting on the right rear, you cannot hit somebody in the right rear. It’s just really really dangerous. Then it forces NASCAR to step in (…)  and you know you’re in some serious consequences if you do this.”

You do need to stand your ground out there though right you can’t get pushed around. I still believe an eye for an eye I definitely believe that. But I think you have to do it in a different way than just hooking somebody.”

“There is plenty of ways you can make someone’s life a living hell by side for a long time than just wrecking somebody.”

Logano emphasized that these incidents were not merely right hooks but potentially dangerous situations. He shed light on his perspective by expressing, “You can cost somebody a win in plenty different ways than then hooking someone so I don’t think anybody wants to see a driver get hurt right like even the drivers I dislike the most I don’t want to ever see them get hurt. And I don’t wanna be the person to do it either I don’t want that on my conscience.”

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What Is Kyle Busch’s Take on Wrecks and Lessons Learned in NASCAR

The famous rivalry between Kyle Busch and Joey Logano, which began with their fight in Las Vegas, is well-known to everyone. Now, both these drivers have now shared their perspectives on the recent wrecking incident.

During a recent interview, when Kyle Busch was asked about the data NASCAR uses to make decisions, Kyle Busch recalled his past incident with Joey Logano and remarked, “Yeah, I brought data when Joey Logano wrecked me in 2017 and they [NASCAR] didn’t give two s**ts. So…” 

When further asked if one race suspension is enough punishment for a rear hook, he answered, “Yeah, I would say so. I have been in a situation before. Actually, my penalty was double, mine was two, so I always set standards up.”

Moreover, Busch also addressed the emotional aspect of penalties and shared, “I think the biggest thing you learn is obviously to try to figure out ways to keep your emotions in check.”

“I mean, this is a cut-throat sport and they’re lots of great drivers come from diverse backgrounds. We don’t always get along so we all want the real state on the race track at the same time and that creates contact. It’s just a matter to deal with that, and move on,” the KBM owner said.


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Joey Logano echoed similar sentiments, stating, “It’s just that’s the situation we’re in right now and it’s gonna keep happening because of the cars it’s so close to the drivers have to be more aggressive on the defensive side and the aggressive side.”


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Both titans recognize the competitive nature of NASCAR and acknowledge the challenges that come with close racing, leading to occasional conflicts and contact on the track