NASCAR Star Admits Toilet Paper Incident With Kevin Harvick Was “Not a Good Idea”; Pleads Innocence

Published 05/29/2023, 11:55 AM EDT

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It can never be argued that NASCAR is not a highly competitive sport, which takes months of strategizing and laying the groundwork. The stakes are always high for the drivers as well as the teams, and no one is ready to budge an inch. This makes the competition rather fierce on the tracks. The rivalry among the drivers has always taken center stage in the world of NASCAR. 

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Once the drivers put on their helmets and start their engines, everything eventually boils down to getting to the front of the pack. Friendship and blood relations take the back seat, as it is one against all during the race.

But there is no denying the fact that the NASCAR grid does boast some precious friendship among the drivers. From being the best man in a wedding to standing up against bullying for their fellow drivers, these drivers have often proved what real sportsmanship looks like. And an example of such camaraderie was spotted at the Charlotte Motor Speedway when fellow drivers decided to gang up against Kevin Harvick.


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Kevin Harvick has a luxury motorhome, and it’s been ransacked

The ongoing season of NASCAR is the 23rd and final season of Stewart-Haas Racing’s Kevin Harvick, as he is ready to take the final bow on the tracks of NASCAR, before he commences the next chapter of his life, not as a racer but as an analyst for FOX.

The 2014 Cup Series champion has already tried his hands as an analyst back in 2015 when he appeared as a guest in the booths of FOX. The veteran driver was also seen in the analyst room of FOX at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, on Saturday as a lead announcer for the Xfinity Series. However, was derailed due to rain.


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But Austin Cindric and Tyler Reddick made sure that rain did not maar the excitement of Kevin Harvick, as they decide to barge and ransack the inside his motorhome and cover it in toilet paper. While the veteran driver was left to witness the horrors from the screens.

However, when asked about the incident, in his pre-race interview, Austin Cindric pleaded his innocence. He expressed, “As far as Kevin goes I was very anti-TP’ing Kevin’s bus, when they asked about it over the second intercom or whatever, because I have to race against him 28 more times before he retires. It’s all funny for everybody else. But Tyler and I were like that’s probably not a good idea.”

He also added, “But I guess that ask came from above on doing that. So they were all in on the joke. But Kevin has a really nice bus, I could spend some days there. That was nice, I didn’t really wanna leave honestly, because we sat on Pit Road and got rained on the entire time.”

Talking about the mess that they had created, the Team Penske driver revealed, “But from that standpoint, it was fun. I don’t think it was too rough. I was more worried about the guy that was actually going to have it clean it up. I don’t know Kevin’s coach driver’s name but I asked him 3 times before he started, are you good with this right?”

Because you’re gonna be the one cleaning it up. I don’t think Kevin’s gonna be the one cleaning it up. Let’s be honest he pays the guy. So from that standpoint, I wanted to make sure, he was cool with it and knew what we were doing. The fact it was raining outside I thought it was gonna be a really bad idea if we did outside of it, because I don’t know if you all TP’ed anything. But you know water makes some stickage and creates a much more complicated cleanup process.”

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Fans cannot have enough of the antics of Austin Cindric

Even Bob Pockrass, the veteran reporter joined the shenanigans and posted Cindric’s interview, explaining his innocence on his Twitter profile, with the lines, Austin Cindric wasn’t the “drivers only” pit reporter who voted to toilet paper the inside of Kevin Harvick’s motorhome during the rain delay Saturday.”

As the video gained views on Twitter, fans could not control their laughter and excitement. They left varied comments under the post.

One wrote, “Way to get rhe scoop Bob. That was the best part of that rain delay coverage.”

“Now? Who has to clean up that big mess?”

“Loved Jamie and the popcorn.” 

 While others wrote, Austin Cindric is just the right amount of awkward in front of the camera to be a perfect fit”


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I like how he asked the coach driver for” 


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Well, this TPing couldn’t get any better for Harvick, as he tasted his own medicine, as he had revealed during the broadcast, how he TPed Darrell Waltrip’s motorhome, back in the day. But this also highlights the fact that only a few months are left in Harvick’s hand before he is missed by the NASCAR enthusiasts racing on the track.

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