Nostalgic Fans Urge Dale Earnhardt Jr to Ressurect Fading DEI Remnants as Iconic Racing Insignia Nears Imminent End

Published 03/01/2024, 6:05 AM EST

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When we talk about NASCAR legacies, rarely does the list end without mentioning the name of the Earnhardt family. But that may not be the case for all who bear the Earnhardt name. After all, we all know of Dale Earnhardt Jr’s stepmother and Earnhardt Sr’s third wife, Teresa Earnhardt. After The Intimidator’s death in 2001, his then wife Teresa inherited Dale Earnhardt Inc. and had quite a public fallout with her stepson over the usage of the iconic number #8 owing to trademark legalities. A report from SBJ suggested that when Dale Jr had tried to retain his No. 8 after moving to Hendrick Motorsports, Teresa had “wanted part of licensing revenue and wanted the number back after he was done with Hendrick”.

Subsequently, Earnhardt Jr had to part ways with his beloved number. However, as they say, what’s meant to be will be. And in this case, luck might just favor Dale Earnhardt Jr and his #8.

Dale Earnhardt Inc.’s trademarks are up for expiration soon!


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Not only did the very public battle for ownership between Teresa Earnhardt and Jr over the ownership of DEI lead to the demise of Senior’s beloved racing team, but it also caused major controversy when Budweiser’s commercial paying tribute to Jr failed to include the #8 anywhere, prompting fans to believe Teresa Earnhardt had denied the usage of the number. Since at the end of the day, DEI still owned trademark rights over the use of the #8 and #1.

However, that could all change very soon with the trademarks set to expire by the middle of June, leaving the prospect of Earnhardt Jr’s famed number finally returning to its rightful owner. Taking to X, Joey Tartamella from Spectator Media shared, “Since trademarks are a discussion today. The #8 and #1 Trademarks owned by Dale Earnhardt Inc. are set to expire in June of The 15 has been abandoned and picked up by Michael Waltrip’s brewing company. It’s almost over #NASCAR.”

Tartamella also pointed out that Teresa Earnhardt had been contacted by the United States Trademark Office, giving her four months to prove that the font behind the #8 and #1 are being used in new merchandise or the trademark shall be removed. The #15, which was also trademarked by DEI, had expired and was taken over by Michael Waltrip once again, putting an end to his misery.

As for Dale Earnhardt Jr, once the community got wind of the situation with DEI and the trademarks, fans immediately filled X with comments wanting Junior to bring back the iconic remnants of a missed opportunity.

The NASCAR community floods X with wishful thinking after hearing the ‘good’ news


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With talks of DEI losing out on the #8 and #1, fans naturally called for Jr Motorsports and Earnhardt Jr to step up to the occasion. A fan stated, “It would be such an amazing day if RCR or Dale Jr picked up the #8 trademark 🙏🏼” while another added,“@DaleJr 12:01 after expiration get your #8 back buddy”

On the other hand, some fans were also excited at the proposition of another team picking up the DEI font to honor Earnhardt’s legacy. Perhaps RCR would be up for the job? This user shared their wishful thinking and wrote, “Yes…please expire. Please expire. Pleaseeeee. It means I can beg Justin Marks to bring it back for Ross. Put the slash through it since it’s their thing…but man, I miss those 3 numbers in the DEI font. Let Kyle Busch use the 8. Richard I’m sure would use it!”

Others were also looking forward to seeing the #8 return in some way to the Cup Series; “Kyle Busch with the DEI 8 font would break reality” Whilst some were just looking forward to the prospect of DEI coming to a peaceful conclusion.


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With that said, wouldn’t it be delightful to see the scheme run by Earnhardt Jr himself soon? A user shared their thoughts, “I really want to see A Rowdy Throwback with Dale Jr’s Bud Paint Scheme” while another solidified every fan’s wishes; “🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 I’d love to see the italic 8 & 1 fonts back on @DaleJr’s cars”


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Now that the #8 and #1 will soon enter the free domain, do you think it’s going to be Jr Motorsports or Richard Childress Racing that decides to continue the legacy?


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