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There’s no moment greater for a NASCAR driver than the time they get to pass the torch on to their next generation. Whether it’s Dale Earnhardt Jr following The Intimidator’s footsteps or Richard Petty one-upping his father’s decorated career, it’s quite evident that racing runs deep within the bloodline of NASCAR’s top drivers. And turns out, the story of Kyle Busch and his son, Brexton Busch, is shaping up to be the start of a similar legacy.

While Kyle Busch was gearing up to prepare for the 2024 Cup Series season, Brexton Busch was already winning major accolades to establish himself as a top grassroots-level driver. Only this weekend, the 8-year-old took home the biggest honor at the Millbridge Speedway after securing the title for the 2023 Beginner Box championship.

Brexton Busch seals the Millbridge Speedway beginner box championship


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Not only was his mother all smiles as she shared the young Busch’s achievement on her social media, but the Richard Childress Racing driver himself shared a few words of encouragement for the budding racer on Instagram. Sharing Brexton Busch’s post about the big achievement on his Instagram Story, Kyle Busch stated, “Congrats buddy on your Millbridge Speedway championship! Proud to see you accomplish your dreams with hard work!”

Kyle Busch had enrolled Brexton Busch into the beginner box championship held by Millbridge Speedway after noticing how well the organizers operated the event. Owned by Ashly and Jeremy Burnett, who loved racing at the dirt track themselves, the Millbridge Speedway is a true symbol of what racing means to the NASCAR community. And while Kyle Busch and Kyle Larson both enjoy cheering on their sons in the box championship, this time, it was Brexton Busch who took the honors home.

And after taking a look at what Brexton Busch had to say about his performance, it becomes quite evident that the 8-year-old is only getting started with his Millbridge dominance. The budding racer shared with his growing fanbase, “What a night at the @millbridgespeedway banquet! I had so much fun racing my competitors this year and really appreciate all the hard work Jeremy and Ashly do to put on the best racing show. Honored to be the Tuesday night Beginner Box Champ 👏🏁🏆”


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It’s safe to say Brexton Busch is slowly transforming into a formidable racer at his age. Not only did the 8-year-old bring in the Beginner Box championship but also recovered from a scary incident at the Tulsa Shootout. While Brexton was set to finish third behind the leaders, a flip caused by contact between the frontrunners meant the young racer would have to fight back to finish a solid twelfth, showcasing his ability to overcome unforeseen setbacks.

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However, it’s also important to note that an opportunity like this was only made possible for Brexton Busch by the immense hard work that the Burnetts put into rejuvenating Millbridge Speedway. And what better way to understand how well of a job the pair have done than to hear it from our favourite Cup Series drivers themselves?

The Millbridge Speedway is quickly becoming the favourite dirt track for NASCAR drivers

Since Ashly and Jeremy Burnett took over Millbridge Speedway in 2011, their journey to the point of having the most iconic NASCAR drivers as regulars on the track has been a long and tumultuous one. While there were many nights that the pair had to endure major losses and managed to barely break even, their commitment towards preserving the spirit of dirt track racing finally delivered on its promise when Busch and Larson decided to put their sons through the beginner box championship. Not only did this showcase their appreciation of the way things were run behind the scenes, but it was also for good reason.


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Speaking about the nostalgia that the Millbridge Speedway creates, Kyle Larson was quoted by NASCAR. He shared, “For me, it just makes me kind of reminisce on the memories I had at Cycleland Speedway growing up and just playing with my buddies. Building memories is the cool thing that I take away from us going to Millbridge. Whether [these kids] all grow up to be race car drivers or not, they’re all just making memories right now which is great at their age.”

And while Kyle Larson was grateful for the memories with his son and family that the dirt track created, Kyle Busch had a more practical view. What’s the one thing that he likes the most about the Millbridge Speedway, you ask? Busch’s answer is rather simple: time management. He stated, “They do a quick show, which is nice. We’ve been to some of these other places where they draw it out for six, seven, eight hours and there is no need for that. We can get in and out of there in three-and-a-half hours probably, which I think the competitors really like as well.”


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After taking a look at just how vital the Millbridge Speedway is for NASCAR drivers trying to put their sons through the most competitive scenarios, it’s safe to say all it takes for a speedway to reach glory is an endearing crowd and great management.