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“Raise Hell, Praise Dale” – NASCAR Community Enthralled as Dale Earnhardt’s CopyCat Brings the Infamous #3 Back to Life

Published 11/17/2023, 5:27 AM EST

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Loved off the track and feared on the track, Dale Earnhardt was as good as they come. The Intimidator is a revered figure in NASCAR history and has been instrumental in shaping NASCAR into what we see now. His iconic #3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet Monte Carlo was never a sight for sore eyes for his fellow drivers, but it was for the fans. Surprisingly, the Earnhardt faithful had the pleasure of spotting the car once again, however, not in the setting you’d expect.

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Considering the craze for memorabilia and collectibles related to Dale Earnhardt, it is no wonder that fans have tried replicating the legendary driver’s paint schemes. One of them was recently spotted on the American streets, and the sighting has excited the NASCAR fandom.

A doppelgänger of the iconic No.3 of Dale Earnhardt has been spotted


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Following the tragic 2001 Daytona 500 incident, Richard Childress Racing retired the #3 number and replaced Dale Earnhardt with another legend in the making, Kevin Harvick. Harvick didn’t take over the No.3 and was handed the #29 Chevy instead. Since retiring numbers aren’t officially allowed in NASCAR, Richard Childress decided to reserve the number within the team instead of selling the rights to it. While Austin Dillon is the current driver of the No.3, after Childress finally decided to make a tough decision in 2013, it seems he is not the only one in possession of the #3 Chevy.

Redditor u/BackwoodsGrim recently came across a replica of the iconic Goodwrench No.3 with the ever-recognizable black paint scheme.


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Earnhardt has driven with many charters in his time in the Cup Series. Apart from the No.3 firmly associated with him, he also had 8, 2, 15, and 96, among a few more, painted on the doors of his cars. However, he wasn’t as successful in the others as he was in the #3. Earnhardt won 67 races with 227 top-5s and 348 top-10s in his favorite number, which is a massive stat.

Following the surfacing of the #3 copycat, Dale Earnhardt loyalists have gathered to voice their excitement and joy at one of their fellow fan’s attempts. After all, it is The Intimidator we are talking about.

NASCAR fandom unites to appreciate the attempt

It is fair to say that no NASCAR driver has ever won the masses like Dale Earnhardt has. Him being a cultural icon with an impact second to none, it is hard to name one above him. A Redditor commented that there is a high chance of the car’s driver being a long-time NASCAR fan who has seen Earnhardt in his prime. He wrote, “Someone already said it, but since he was a childhood hero for a now-45-year-old…RAISE HELL, PRAISE DALE!”


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Another fan was reminded of the time when a similar #18 Kyle Busch replica tailed his vehicle and got him startled. He wrote, “Reminds me of the time I wasn’t aware that Interstate Batteries had a batch of their Camry delivery vehicles wrapped in Kyle Busch #18 schemes. Looked in my rear view and jumped out of my seat.”

DALE YEAH BROTHER,” “Highway to Dale.”, commented a few other fans from the faction. Highway to Dale is a clever hint at the popular song Highway to Hell by the rock band AC/DC.

“The only time I’ll allow someone to tailgate me,” read another comment, revealing the conditions for someone to tail his vehicle and his love for the NASCAR legend.


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Dale Earnhardt’s legacy is undying. Even years after his death, his fans have continued to show their love and respect for him, which goes a long way.

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