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USA Today via Reuters

With the dawn of the Next Gen era, the NASCAR Cup Series lineup seems to have shaken up quite a bit. Gone are the days when Kyle Busch and Chase Elliott were regulars in victory lane. But one veteran has managed to continue his evolution regardless of the Next Gen car’s challenges. After bringing home all four of his Cup wins for Trackhouse Racing in the last two seasons, Ross Chastain shows no signs of slowing down. This meteoric rise was further cemented when Anheuser-Busch announced their long-term partnership with Chastain. However, the NASCAR community still believes that the Busch Light livery fits no team as well as the #4 driven by Kevin Harvick.

Ross Chastain’s Richmond challenger surfaces on Reddit

A few years ago, no one could have predicted the meteoric rise to success Ross Chastain would have, especially after the Next Gen era began. With drivers struggling to adapt to the new challenges, newcomers quickly gained an advantage. However, Ross Chastain seems to be loving his time in the new car, opening his Cup Series win book just two years ago for Trackhouse Racing.


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All this success made the Melon man a prime candidate for Anheusuer-Busch, who was looking for a replacement for their former star, Kevin Harvick, after his retirement. With a multi-year deal signed, Chastain and Anheuser Busch have embarked on a journey that will begin with 18 races this season. But what fans were most excited about was the return of the beloved Busch Light livery.

With looks as cold as ice, the livery was recently leaked on Reddit. Evidently, Chastain’s claims of being ‘blown away’ by the livery couldn’t be closer to the truth, given how striking the theme looked under the Richmond sun. Whilst the design, filled with classic cues from the brand, was rather pleasing to the eye, there was one thing fans just couldn’t seem to get their minds over.

For the longest time, Kevin Harvick had been the fave of the Busch Light livery, both while driving for Richard Childress Racing and Stewart-Haas Racing. Naturally, the livery gained quite a connotation to the #4, leaving many to feel rather confused at the prospect of a new number replacing Harvick’s iconic one. With that said, the reality is that Chastain’s #1 is what will be featured on the iconic blue and white livery for the foreseeable future.

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Evidently, some of the NASCAR community members on Reddit were haunted by a sense of nostalgia, not willing to bid the #4 in the Busch Light livery farewell so easily.

Ross Chastain faces resistance from fans as the new face of Busch Light


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For most of the community, the iconic Busch Light livery‘s rightful owner was still Kevin Harvick. A user shared; “They spelled 4 wrong. I wonder when I’ll get used to seeing the 1 in this scheme.” For a brief period, the Busch Light livery also transitioned to Evernham Motorsports for the #9 driven by Kasey Kahne. Another Redditor chimed in, “I always forget that they ran with Evernham/Kahne for two years… never felt like a good fit for that brand.”

byu/LharDrol from discussion


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For some, there was no better combination for a Busch Light clash driver than that of Harvick and the #4. One fan shared, “When they landed with Harvick at RCR, then following him to SHR, that just felt right.” While another stated, “Before I went to Harvick, I was big into Jr. When Bud went to Harvick, especially the RCR/DEI connection, it felt like all was good. Especially after the way Shell left in 2010.”

At the end of the day, it seemed like Ross Chastain just hadn’t quite settled in as the new face of Busch beer, with Kevin Harvick still at the top of fan’s minds. To conclude, a passionate fan shared his opinion between the two, “lol i now have two Busch Light shirts, one with 4 and one with 1. I love Ross, but definitely Busch Light belongs to Harvick.”


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After taking a look at the rather hostile reception to Ross Chastain’s takeover of the Busch Light livery, do you think a win this season in the blue and white could help the Melon farmer’s case?