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The anticipation is palpable as the first-ever NASCAR street race is just two weeks away. It promised to defy tradition and bring the thrill of stock car racing to the city streets. Every driver is excited to be the first-ever winner of the Street Race. But amidst the buzz, one driver stood out with eager anticipation in his eyes—Ryan Blaney.

Fresh off his triumph at Coca-Cola, where he broke a daunting 59-winless streak, Blaney was determined to etch his name into the history books once again. As he shared his thoughts, he acknowledged the challenges that awaited the drivers, weaving through narrow lanes, battling tight turns, and adapting to the unconventional track.

Ryan Blaney Shares the Bright Side of the Chicago Street Race in 6 Words


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NASCAR’s decision to bring the race to the city center was a bold move, as most circuits were typically located away from urban areas. This groundbreaking decision meant that fans could now enjoy the thrill of the race right from their homes or balconies, a sight rarely seen in the world of stock car racing.

Ryan Blaney directed his words specifically to those who had never witnessed a race in person, urging them to seize this opportunity and experience something truly different. Blaney’s invitation carried a sense of excitement and anticipation, as he encouraged fans to be a part of history in the making, embracing the exhilarating atmosphere of a NASCAR street race in the heart of the city.

In a recent interview with NBC Chicago, he said, “I’ve always told people who’ve never kind of watched NASCAR too much, that you got to go to the race. It’s completely different in person, you will have a completely different perspective on it. I think it will bring that perspective to a lot of people, which will be cool.”

“I am excited to talk and hear the reaction during the weekend, post weekend, of what everyone thought of it”

Blaney continued by giving examples of IndyCar and Formula 1, where they organize Street races. Blaney said, “I think it’s time that we have done something like that’s a little bit out of our norm [normal], but norm doesn’t really do it anymore for everybody.”

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Ryan Blaney on the Ugly Side of Chicago Street Which Will Challenge Drivers


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As the race is not going to take place on any particular race track, the city roads are just modified to be used as the track. These transformed streets will present a unique set of challenges for drivers. The sharp turns along the street circuit would prove to be a true test of skill and precision.

The drivers would need to swiftly maneuver through the course, going from 180 mph to just 60 mph to navigate the tight corners. This sudden deceleration would create a sort of “traffic jam” position. Ryan Blaney, ever insightful, shared his thoughts on the demanding track, recognizing the difficulties that lay ahead for all competitors.

“It’s a completely different race track than what you’re used to… The racetrack is pretty narrow. I wouldn’t say it’s as narrow as I initially thought it was going to be. But it’s still pretty narrow. Not a ton of runoffs. The only thing I would like to see different is some some runoffs in those 90-degree corners, if you overshoot one you have a kind of a bailout place.”


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“So I think you’ll see guys kind of hesitate at some of those corners to begin with, but once you get more confident in it, you’ll be going pretty good.”

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