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It’s no secret that NASCAR is a sport of legacies. From the beloved Richard Childress Racing to the dominant Hendrick Motorsports, teams that aim to make it big in NASCAR have always pushed the envelope of the sport in many ways. But in the modern era, no team is gunning ahead more than Justin Marks’ Trackhouse Racing. Amidst teams like Stewart-Haas Racing struggling with sponsors, Trackhouse has quickly become the go-to team for big names to help grow their brands.

Not only has the team secured its future in MotoGP, but it also aims to become a formidable force in the Cup Series with its rising star Connor Zilisch. But what exactly sets the relatively new team apart from the established legends?

Trackhouse Prodigy highlights the reason behind Trackhouse Racing’s sponsorship success


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In the modern era of motorsport, it isn’t just important for teams to bring in solid results to back the sponsorship money they demand. With social media presence slowly becoming a vital indicator of a brand’s reach, teams are expected to bring their A-game when it comes to socials. With that said, Connor Zilisch shared some key insights into what has helped Trackhouse Racing conquer the engagement battle online.

In Zilisch’s case itself, Trackhouse Racing’s ability to have a brilliant marketing strategy is fairly evident. While Zilisch is yet to bring in major accolades for Justin Marks’ team, his climb through the Mazda MX-5 Cup as well as his endurance racing ventures have been well covered by the team’s socials. Not only has this gotten more eyes on the young prodigy but it also highlights how serious the team is about gaining a strong following.

Zilisch shared on Door Bumper Clear’s latest episode, “It’s been really cool, you know I honestly, didn’t expect them to cover me as much as they do, right? They post me almost every time I win a race or, you know, qualify on the pole. And, they’ve got guys that come to my races.” Apart from highlighting his success at the Rolex 24 this year, Trackhouse has also been updating its fanbase on his Truck Series campaign with the #7 Spire Motorsports garage.

While Zilisch may not be driving for Trackhouse directly, the team was amongst the first to celebrate the rookie’s sensational pole position at COTA on his Truck Series debut. Looking back on all the support, Zilisch added, “The deals that they’re signing with sponsors, it’s a tough time right now for a lot of teams but I feel like they’re thriving, and it’s really cool to be a part of.”

The 17-year-old concluded by commending Justin Marks and Pitbull’s team on their marketing tactics. He shared, “They do such a good job keeping it modern and doing the right things on social media to help grow the brand and it’s honestly probably the best place for me to be and I feel like I fit in really well with everything that they’re doing.”

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While it’s safe to say Trackhouse Racing seems to be on the right path toward becoming one of the biggest names in NASCAR, the crew put together by Justin Marks has worked tirelessly to come to this point. Speaking of which, Connor Zilisch acknowledges he has a lot of work cut out for him this season, revealing his multi-disciplinary calendar for 2024.

Here’s what’s in store for Connor Zilisch in 2024


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Connor Zilisch may just be 17 years old, but he’s quickly cemented himself as one of the most promising talents in modern American motorsport. From winning the LMP2 Class at the 24 Hours of Daytona to showing great promise in only his first-ever Truck Series race, Trackhouse Racing’s development driver has conquered many disciplines. And for 2024, he aims to ramp up that intensity to new heights.


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Taking inspiration from Kyle Larson’s versatility, Zilisch believes the best way to prepare for the future is by pushing himself in multiple categories. As a result, his 2024 portfolio looks more hectic than some veterans, too! With that said, Zilisch spilled the beans on his 2024 plans – “I’m doing a whole ARCA East season, I’ve got four national races with Pinnacle lined up, so I got 12 total ARCA races, and then I’m also running 8 to 10 CARS Tour races with Pinnacle as well”

Pairing up with Chad Bryant for the ARCA Menards Series, Zilisch believes this year gives him a greater shot at winning some late-model races. But that’s not all, Zilisch also revealed his plans for the IMSA and WEC categories; “I’m doing the CARS Tour races and then I’ve got the IMSA races I’m doing. I got three more of the endurance stuff, so that’s going to keep me busy. The 24-hour race was so cool, I mean that was just the most different experience,” the young driver revealed.


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With races lined up in almost every top American category, Connor Zilisch’s 2024 season is no doubt going to be quite intense. But will the Trackhouse prodigy continue building on his jaw-dropping form?