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After Fans Side With Alex, Thanasis, and Giannis Antetokounmpo, ESPN’s Shannon Sharpe Doubles Down on Initial Insult

Published 09/21/2023, 2:45 AM EDT

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An ESPN analyst catching flack from the NBA community is nothing new. However, for the first 2 to 3 weeks of his tenure, Shannon Sharpe was a relatively popular addition. Between his various times calling his co-host by the wrong name and plain entertainment, the fandom was all for the introduction. But, with one Giannis Antetokounmpo comment, the entire goodwill has gone down the drain. However, Shannon isn’t backing down.

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Rather than take the high road after fan backlash, the NFL legend is doubling down on his own words.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and his brothers


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The idea of brothers joining a star player’s team is nothing new. However, taking offense to Giannis’ potential trade demand, Shannon had some harsh words for the 2-time MVP. While Antetokounmpo talked about the importance of a credible roster, Sharpe had a problem with the Greek Freak’s own brothers holding roster spots.

After fans chose the side of the Antetokounmpo brothers, the 3-time Super Bowl Champion was having none of it. When X users made the point of the Final 2 roster spots not being of help, Sharpe offered his own rebuttal. “So 2 more talented players couldn’t help? GOTCHA” 


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Even though his sentiments make sense, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence in the league throughout its history. The NBA has always been about a brotherhood. But, there are times when players take it to a literal level. Years ago, Derrick Rose’s deal with Reebok would include a substantial amount for his brother as well.

Similarly, J.R. Smith made a commitment to the New York Knicks with a guarantee for his own brother. On the other hand, the Golden State Warriors gave Seth Curry multiple chances on their G-League squad as a token of appreciation to Stephen Curry until he turned into a valuable piece in the NBA. The Tight End’s own favorite, LeBron James, has openly made it clear that he would join a team if they draft his son.

But, even more than that, there is a clear idea behind what fans of the brothers are taking offense to.

Fans make the case for Giannis’ “nepotism”

The first perspective was of course the use of G-League roster spots and how Unc was factually incorrect. Even though both Thanasis and Alex would be part of the squad, it would take up only one roster spot.

Another fan made the rather obvious case of the final men on the roster never making it to actual playing time.

But, some fans turned the route of disrespect. Even though they might disagree with Sharpe’s points, they took the route of insults, calling out his basketball knowledge and ego.


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A more dedicated fan of the former Finals MVP was ardent in his support. Whether in agreement or not, they made the case of the Milwaukee Bucks organization owing the special treatment to their franchise star.


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This is a saga that has quickly become a big-time debate. Where do you stand in the Giannis-Sharpe nepotism debate? Let us know in the comments below.

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