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Stephen Curry and Kamala Harris: A friendship for the ages or just a political stunt?

The Britannica Dictionary’s definition of ‘maybe’ goes like this: “possibly but not certainly.” Quite a lightweight word, in a way. But for Warriors fans and Stephen Curry loyalists, that one word weighed really heavy. How so? Do you remember a CBS Mornings interview in early March where the 4x champion dropped the ‘M-bomb’ on unsuspecting fans? Of course, you do! A seemingly simple discussion about Steph’s new children’s book suddenly took a thriller turn, with impeccable cliffhangers!

The host of the show, Jericka Duncan, on learning Curry’s interest in politics, straight up asked if he would consider a presidency in the future. “Maybe.” The Warriors superstar surely has all the help he would want if he were to pursue such a path as the next chapter in his life. The foremost aspect that comes to mind is certain, his close friendship with ex-POTUS, Barack Obama. Both have struck quite the friendship, meeting up for a round of golf or dinner. However, there was another influential presence in Curry’s life – Kamala Harris.

Fellow Oaklanders Stephen Curry and Kamala Harris meet in Las Vegas


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The 49th VP of the United States of America, an Oakland native, and a true Warriors fan, Kamala Harris, couldn’t pass up on the chance to visit Team USA. Having arrived in Las Vegas for an official event, Madam VP decided she would visit the men representing their country in the Olympics. It was quite the affair, too.

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Surrounded on all sides by the Secret Service, Harris made her way accompanied by Steve Kerr, making a beeline to her fellow Oaklander, Stephen Curry. Carrying a FIBA basketball in one hand, she greeted Steph with a quick hug before meeting the rest of the team. After posing for a group photo, the pair were seen deep in discussion on the side, no doubt quickly catching up on as many subjects as they could.

Describing her visit, Kerr said, “It was a great reminder of the fact that we’re playing for our country and Vice President Harris was great … She said that it’s a demonstration of our patriotic feeling of being part of something special for our country. I think the guys really listened to every word. It was great.”

Coach Kerr also added that he was fortunate enough to have met the first female vice president, in fact, the highest-ranking female official in U.S. history, many times owing to the fact that she was from Oakland. He did not fail to mention the memorable White House visit in 2023. President Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris welcomed them, as they presented both Biden and Harris with their own jerseys.

As for Steph, he has been quite vocal in his appreciation and respect for Madam VP. He shared his excitement when Harris was sworn in on his X account. “Talk about a moment for my kids to see! How y’all doing this morning????”.

However, he has been quite vocal in other political matters, too.

Curry surely has all the makings of a great President

We are all well aware of the Curry family’s philanthropic endeavors. From the Eat.Learn.Play foundation to the No Kid Hungry initiative, Steph and his wife have always been the frontline advocates for causes close to their hearts. As Stephen A. Smith rightly noted, for the Bay Area, Stephen Curry is God-like.


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However, that’s not all he’s lent his voice and energy to. In 2020, he was a leading voice endorsing Joe Biden in his electoral campaign, during the Democratic National Convention. Not too long after that, he was seen encouraging voters to call on their senators to pass the Freedom of Vote Act. He’s always been vocal when it comes to empowering entrepreneurs and businesses of people of color. And then there was his tensed relationship with ex-President Donald Trump.

For someone who tends to hang back when it comes to politics, Curry swapped his quiet persona for an active one. “Most of his rhetoric — before he was president, during his last four years, and even now, if he tries to run again — has a tone of divisiveness that doesn’t have a place in our country,” he stated in a cover story of Rolling Stone Magazine in their October 2022 issue.


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Once, in 2017, Curry had quite a witty description for Trump. Marcus Thompson of Mercury News asked what he thought of Under Armour CEO, Kevin Plank’s opinion of Trump being an asset. “I agree with that description, if you remove the ‘et’ from asset.” 

Suffice it to say, do not mistake the quiet guy who are often accustomed to being just that when it comes to subjects that matter. Well, what do you think of Stephen Curry’s continued friendship with the ex and current POTUS and VP of the States? Is it a sign that we will soon see President Curry in the Oval Office? Let us know your thoughts on the subject in the comments.