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LeBron’s reach extends beyond the basketball court. He has always had the loudest voice when it comes to injustice or inequalities among the less fortunate. While LeBron James prioritizes African-American causes, he doesn’t back down when he witnesses injustice. The list of his philanthropic acts is many.

He has donated millions to Akron, sponsoring students to attend Akron University and opening a school called ‘I Promise’ for grades three to eight. If he weren’t a celebrity, do you think the huge number of people who listen to him now would give him another thought? In recent medical news that has created strong mixed opinions amongst the public, Bron has a few things to say.

LeBron James responds to the supposed breakthrough medical advancement


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Type 2 diabetes patients use Ozempic to regulate their insulin levels. It contains a medication called semaglutide. This also helps in managing weight. A variation of this is Wegovy. More Americans are using this as an easier weight loss solution. Now, the same researchers have announced it can be used for children (6+) too.

King James has taken to his Instagram on hearing this. The idea of using weight-loss injections in children disturbed him. James, in his story update, says, “Please not the kids!!! This ain’t the answer. How about providing and making better food choices and being more active!” Father to three kids, Bron’s worry for the children is justified.

The King made a plea because of a post on Bloomberg Business (Instagram page) on October 21. The post talked about pharmaceutical companies using obese young patients for their latest tests.


Wegovy, as opposed to Ozempic, has a slightly higher dosage of semaglutide. It keeps the food in your stomach longer and gives the brain signals that you are full. The result? You don’t eat as much as you normally would. As much as it would help patients with diabetes in weight management, it also makes the public less active.

Aside from the supposed medical advancement, it is a lucrative business. So you can understand why LeBron James is worried about the effects this would have on the next generation. On a different note, though, there are still a few out there who believe in outdated notions. Like, keeping one’s opinions and advocacy in the field of one’s experience.

James is not one to stand by when there is the tiniest chance he can make a difference

Growing up, LeBron James experienced firsthand what it means to be on the lower rungs of society. Watching his single mother struggling, he could have tried his hand at making easy money. But he kept his head down and plowed on. And now, he is one of the richest athletes and an international celebrity.

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It is easy to lose sight of your roots and just bask in the glow of fame and wealth. Yet Bron has been using his reach and influence to make changes in society. But not everyone is a huge fan of LeBron’s loud voice on these topics. You may be familiar with Laura Ingraham’s infamous “Shut up and dribble” comment on James’s political views. She wasn’t too happy to hear about the opinion of “someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball“.



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Another celebrity athlete who had a similar opinion as Ingraham was former Swedish soccer player, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. He didn’t use such strong words, though. In his interview with Discovery + Sport in Sweden in February 2021, Zlatan said that he wasn’t the biggest fan of players who believe they have the power to talk politics. He said that it was the first mistake people who come into wealth and a certain status commit.

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Interestingly, this man spoke out against the Swedish media’s support of undercover racism. Just because his last name wasn’t Swedish, the media did not give him the credit he deserved. James brought this incident up when asked to respond to Zlatan’s comments.


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We cannot ignore the fact that LeBron James has done more good than harm to thousands of his young fans and his community. Who’s to say that his plea for a more active lifestyle for weight loss won’t take wing?