“Can’t Make Him Look Stupid”: Austin Reaves Reveals the Exact Moment Being Accepted by LeBron James

Published 10/25/2023, 12:37 PM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

25-year-old Austin Reaves is a classic example of a small-town boy making it big in the leagues. Hailing from Arkansas, Reaves had always dreamt of playing for the NBA. Though he played baseball longer than basketball, it was clear that his interest and passion lay in the latter.  The 2021 NBA draft saw teams passing him on until he reached number 42 and it was then the Pistons offered him a contract.

But Austin took a life-altering decision then and there. He opted to sign a two-way contract with the Lakers. The rest is history. From being a nobody to major international recognition, Reaves worked hard to be in the position he is in now. And now, he is one of the top players recognized for his determination by the King himself.

Austin Reaves is still in awe at LeBron James’ acceptance of him


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Standing at 6’5 and 209 pounds, Reaves is a versatile player for the Lakers. He can defend just as well as he can shoot. The Memphis series saw the fiery side of the normally quiet Reaves. It also happens to be the game that made the day for the Lakers guard.

Talking to Ryen Russilo on his podcast, Austin mentions the exact moment when he saw for himself the trust LeBron had in him. “I think DLo got a rebound and outlet it to Bron and I was running the court … he was like no come back  and get it … my mind just completely shut off, but the only thing I could think of was, I can’t make him look stupid.”


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Yup, and that was officially the day that Reaves was sure LeBron expected a lot more from him. Bron went out of his way when he told the reporters just how well Reaves fits with him on the court. “I’ve been around the game long enough to know great basketball IQ players.”


Well, Austin hasn’t disappointed his hero at all. Apart from the slight starting trouble, Reaves has proved himself to be an improved player each season.

What made the Lakers sign Reaves on an official capability


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From a two-way player to one of the Lakers’ key players, Austin Reaves is on a steady incline to stardom and possibly the future leader of the LA Lakers. LeBron has already given his nod of assent on multiple occasions, be it passing the ball or offering advice and tips on how to make an even bigger impact.

Where Did LeBron James and Anthony Davis Find Austin Reaves Before Recruiting Him at the Lakers?

Statistically speaking, Reaves’ offensive capability is brilliant. He is one of the Lakers consistent shooters – 39% from 3-point line and 91% in free throws. His career average is 10.8 points, 3.1 rebounds, and 2.1 assists per game, which are solid points for a player of his skills.


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Obviously, James and Davis’ approval just added to Reaves’s already gaining momentum. The front office was sold and the Lakers finally got their future secured.


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