Despite Being Labeled a “Defensive Liability,” Ja Morant’s 6’11 Teammate Could Surpass Jaylen Brown With a $318,000,000 Promotion

Published 09/15/2023, 4:00 PM EDT

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Memphis Grizzlies star has been a defensive force in the NBA, winning awards and acclaim for his shot-blocking abilities and rim protection. However, his recent performance in Team USA’s FIBA World Cup has prompted concerns and sparked questions about his defensive talents. This is leading many to wonder if the once-dominant defender has turned into a defensive liability.

Not only that, this 6’11 power forward can win a supermax contract extension if he manages to prove himself. And ‘proving himself’ implies him winning the Defensive Player of the Year award again.

Ja Morant’s teammate’s supposed supermax contract extension


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Jaren Jackson Jr.’s excellent defensive record in the NBA is difficult to overlook. He established himself as one of the game’s most dangerous defenders, leading the league in blocks per game. He even restricted opponents to 47% shooting at the rim. His ability to change shots and defend the interior was an important asset to his club, the Memphis Grizzlies.

For Jackson, winning Defensive Player of the Year or being named All-NBA can lead to a five-year, $318 million deal in the 2025 summer, beginning in 2026-27. Jackson has previously led the league in blocks and displayed great defensive abilities. In fact, he has a good chance of landing this expensive contract. And if he lands this contract, he will surpass Celtic Star Jaylen Brown.

The idea of a super-max deal looms on the horizon as Jackson navigates the hurdles and critiques on his path to rebuilding himself as a defensive force. It’s a reminder that fortunes may change rapidly in the world of professional basketball. But a player’s career is determined by their ability to overcome hardship and restore their due place at the top. Jackson is facing harsh criticism due to his performance at the FIBA World where he was called a “Defensive Liability.”


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2023 Defensive Player of the Year called a ‘Defensive Liability’?

When the United States met Germany in the FIBA World Cup, Jackson’s defensive effort fell short of expectations. Foul problems and troubles on the glass sparked questions about his ability to defend on the international level. These fears got worse when a local journalist described him as a “defensive liability”. Jackson responded to the criticism by mentioning his Defensive Player of the Year title and disputing the concept of being considered a liability. It serves as an example that even the top players encounter problems and criticism in athletics.

USA Today via Reuters

Jaren Jackson Jr.’s narrative displays athletes’ tenacity and drive. It also shows an opportunity for redemption and greatness that awaits those who dare to rise above the hurdles. As he strives for defensive brilliance, the NBA world waits to see if he can once again become a dominant force on both sides of the floor and secure the supermax deal that awaits him.


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