“Fuc*in Dog”: Rookie Jaime Jaquez Jr Delivering on Bold Promise to Suspended Jimmy Butler and Co Leaves Fans in Awe

Published 02/27/2024, 12:16 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

The Miami Heat is getting close to the final moments against the Sacramento Kings and the Heat fans are in love with Jaime Jaquez Jr. The Heat rookie has been one of the best players in their team this season. Already a favorite with Miami’s superstar, Jimmy Butler, he has stepped up to fill Butler’s shoes when he was out with injury.

Tonight too, the 6x All-Star is missing. Due to an altercation on Friday’s game against the New Orleans Pelicans, Butler, along with several players, received suspension. Unsurprisingly, Jaquez has taken Butler’s place and doing an excellent job at it.

So much so that Heat fans are taking to X to record their awe at the young forward. One user called him a “fuc*in dog,” to show his heartfelt appreciation for how well he handles himself on-court.


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Another fan seems to be genuinely star-struck as he says, “Jaime Jaquez is the truth wow”

Yet another fan has a similar reaction to the first user. Dez also likens Jaime Jazquez Jr. to a “dog”.

This next one seems determined to separate himself from the monogamous terms, as he describes Jaime as a “sick player.”

Another user seems to take comfort in his confidence in Jaquez’s ability to secure the future of the franchise.

Finally, this user brings attention to the fact that Jaime is the “best Mexican hooper” he’s seen.

Clearly, Jaquez seems determined to keep the promise he made to Butler ahead of tonight’s game. The 23-year-old said during the warm-up that he, and the rest of the team, was going to fight for Jimmy and the other suspended players. He further clarified that everyone was going to stay ready whenever their names were going to be called. Jaquez reiterated that they were “fighting for those guys tonight”.

And the team kept their promise, too. The Heat defeated the Kings 121-110. But Friday night was all hands on deck. Or rather, all hands in a scuffle.


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New Orleans and Miami raise the heat with a nasty fracas

Zion Williamson was fouled hard by Kevin Love, landing the former on the floor. Naji Marshall was nearby and ran towards Love to give him a good old shove. The whole game was a tight contest from the get-go. And now that Butler saw the opening, he didn’t hesitate to throw himself in the fray.

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Jimmy pushed Marshall off and kept his hand on the Pelicans big man’s chest. He didn’t like it and went straight for the throat. That was the start of an old-fashioned brawl mid-game. Players, coaches, and referees rushed to separate the two. No sooner was it calm in the paint, than Thomas Bryant and Nikola Jovic got into it with New Orleans guard, Jose Alvarado at the officials bench.

At the end of it, Butler, Jovic, Bryant, Marshall, and Alvarado were the five players who got ejected and suspended. Jimmy was fined $259,968, Bryant, $52,308, while Jovic will lose $12,655. For the Pelicans, Alvarado got a fine of $37,988 and Marshall $11,096.


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