Having Already Penned Down a Bestseller, LeBron James Teases Yet Another Children’s Book

Published 10/20/2023, 2:54 PM EDT

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NBA superstar LeBron James plans to write another inspiring children’s book in April 2024. Following the phenomenal success of his first book, “I Promise,” James is collaborating with illustrator Nia Mata to continue motivating young readers to believe in themselves and shoot for the stars. HarperCollins Publishers’ much-anticipated picture book seeks to encourage youngsters and remind them that their potential is infinite.

LeBron James understands his influence on young minds. So by writing a motivating book for them he is not only setting a good example but also showing them that anything is possible.

After a successful debut, LeBron James is writing a new book


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“I Am More Than” the new book of LeBron James illustrates the strength of self-belief and resilience. He and Nia Mata underscore the importance of believing in oneself. And through this colorful and joyful book, they want to show the amazing potential that exists inside every kid. The moral of the book urges youngsters to accept their unique characteristics and skills and to never let external definitions limit their goals.

The book’s colorful cover depicts three joyful youngsters who express enthusiasm and happiness while proudly carrying the title. This optimistic image sets the tone for the adventure that young readers are about to engage in. It serves as an illustration that every child is more than a single label, attribute, or passion, and that they have the potential to excel.


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LeBron James voiced his desire that “I AM MORE THAN” will encourage all of its readers to be more than whatever they do. The book’s goal is to inspire children all across the world to dream big and never let anything hold them back. The 4x NBA champion’s dedication to motivating the next generation is clear in his attempts to equip young minds with the necessary skills for success. With LeBron James’ first children’s book, “I Promise,” rapidly becoming the No. 1 New York Times bestselling picture book, it highlighted young readers’ thirst for well illustrated, uplifting writing.

What was James’ first book about?


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“I PROMISE,” LeBron James’ first book, is a strong extension of the ideas promoted by the James Family Foundation’s I PROMISE initiative. The purpose of the foundation is to offer youngsters in Akron, Ohio, LeBron’s hometown, the resources, support, and mentors they need to excel in school and in life. The launch of the I PROMISE School in 2018 stretched this concept even further. “I PROMISE,” the book, represents LeBron James’ outstanding charity efforts off the court. Notably, the transforming education delivered to youngsters at the “I PROMISE” School. HarperCollins Children’s Books published the book, which has a worldwide theme that inspires everyone to strive for excellence. It’s a message that kids and readers of all ages will appreciate.

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LeBron James appreciates the power of books to teach, inspire, and unify people by highlighting the significance of reading. “I PROMISE” reflects a deep commitment to literacy and learning, with the goal of bringing children and parents together through the shared experience of reading. However, what actually distinguishes this book is its ability to make every youngster feel valued and respected. It’s a story that allows children of all backgrounds to see themselves in its pages. Due to that, it inspires them to dream large and strive for greatness. This book is a symbol of optimism, motivation, and the everlasting confidence that every child has the capacity to accomplish greatness. And the message however is that it goes beyond the basketball court and connects with readers everywhere.


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