“LeGM”: Spencer Dinwiddie Crediting LeBron James for Lakers Decision Draws Hilarious Reaction

Published 02/12/2024, 9:42 PM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

Spencer Dinwiddie is officially a Laker. A California native and coming from a house full of Lakers fans, it was a dream come true for the 30-year-old guard. But what’s taking much space on social media now is Dinwiddie’s comments hours after the deal was sealed. He had explained his reasons for choosing LA over Dallas with quite a colorful analogy.

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And while the Mavericks might not have been too happy with the 6’5 veteran’s comparison of them to a softhearted “mum,” the Lakers surely got the better end. But it was the fans who got the last laugh here.

Spencer Dinwiddie and his love for LeBron James


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Dinwiddie took the thank you speech to another level when he credited the Lakers superstar James for being the influential voice in his decision-making. Although he doesn’t have a relationship with LA other than it being his home team, Dinwiddie does know a few faces. D’Angelo Russell and Taurean Prince during Spencer’s time with the Nets, Rui Hachimura with the Wizards and Christian Wood with the Mavs. Yet, the Colorado product finds Bron’s voice drowns anything and everything else. And that was more than enough for social media to go crazy with “Le” memes. Here’s the first one. This user comments, “LeGM,” to Spencer’s “well-meaning” credit.

This next guy, for fear that the words do not convey the full meaning, decides to bring in a visual aid. Quite the creative one, this!


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The next one comments on a widely talked about subject – Bron’s influence in the Lakers’ front office.

And then there’s another user who has a wide variety of interests and LeBron is one of them. His comment seems to iterate the “Manager” of GM with a “LeGMmmmm.” That’s a lot of ‘M’s.

Finally, this hardcore King loyalist also seems to favor speaking hard facts. He gives it straight to James as he says, “LeTampering.”

Whatever Spencer Dinwiddie had in mind when giving the 4x champion his flowers wasn’t conveyed to the public properly. But he did manage to get a major point across in the midst of all this.

“…they know how to win”: Dinwiddie on the Lakers

After his first practice with the LA team, Dinwiddie was excited. Even that would be a mild way to put Spencer’s absolute ecstasy. As Dave McMenamin of ESPN reported, the 2013 All-Pac First Teamer couldn’t have been more clear about his reasons for joining the Purple & Gold.

Chiefs 2nd Super Bowl Win Over 49ers a Propitious Sign for LeBron James and the Lakers


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“Essentially you’re seeing a team that when everything is on the line, they can rise to a level that no other team can get to … [but] at the end of the day, they know how to win,” he said. He wouldn’t be wrong about that. The Lakers were one of the top teams who had a fumbling season this time around.

They have gone through it all this year – inconsistencies, internal conflicts, not-so-subtle coach-player incidents, and more. LeBron was supposed to take it easy this season. But the 20x All-Star has taken the lion’s share of responsibility, if not more.

Anyway, with the franchise keeping quiet on the trade deadline and frontrunners for the same showcasing better performances, hopefully, Dinwiddie’s addition should bring about a change in the Lakers.


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