Shaquille O’Neal Sends Stern Warning to Stephen Curry, Lebron James & More in Hypothetical Michael Jordan Match Up: “Let Me Rephrase That”

Published 10/22/2023, 12:06 AM EDT

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Shaquille O’Neal is once again back with his teams. This time, the two teams feature an array of electric, explosive, athletic, intelligent playmakers. It has basically got the fans salivating just thinking about it. That’s how good Shaq’s player selection is.

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If it were to ever happen, even in an alternate universe, people would do anything to get their tickets. But since that’s not going to happen, the next best thing to do is imagine the chaos this matchup would cause on the court. Let’s take a closer look at the teams.

Shaquille O’Neal and his remarkable teams


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It might be because Shaq is a sports analyst now that he keeps popping out his selection of teams and players. Or he always had an eye for what would constitute a legendary team. Whatever the reason, his latest hypothetical teams are creating raging fires all over the internet.

An hour ago, he posted a Team Current vs Team Legend image featuring top names in the history of the league. “LET ME REPHRASE THAT, my team would definitely win. but this one won’t b easy.”


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It surely is not going to be easy, Shaq. Team Current has players that have made the most waves in the shortest period. The Bucks‘ limbo stage was eradicated when Giannis stepped foot on the court. The Warriors were restored to their glory with Curry and his trusty squad.

LeBron‘s arrival at the Lakers’ was a calculated move. To be able to take a franchise with so much history back to the top was what would make James the King. Kevin Durant was the phoenix of the Suns‘. Impossible to guard and score from practically anywhere on the court, the Slim Reaper can reap heads. And, talking about the Serbian lover of horses, Jokic showcases mad skills on the court that are on par with his alter ego, The Joker.

Shaq’s Team Legend is just that. Players that rewrote the history of the teams and challenged the fate in more ways than one. Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and O’Neal himself. Trying to write their legacies in a sentence would probably be an insult. So, why don’t we move on to the fans and their predictions for this Olympian battle?

Shaq is treated to well-put-together results for his dream team by fans

You can imagine what O’Neal’s comment box would look like now. The predictions range from loyal-to-the-end fans to logical and intelligent results based on the matchup. Either way, Shaq’s hypothetical team this time around has gotten much love from netizens.

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Here is a sneak peek into the different voices. The first user seems to have a suggestion for Diesel.

Replace Bird for Duncan for better team fit

Yeah, we sincerely doubt Dr. Shaq is going to do anything remotely similar. The next user agrees with Shaq and he has proof too.

“Team Legend and here’s why. Nobody on team current is guarding Shaq down in the post Joker is not fast enough or physical enough to handle that! Kobe and MJ would be way too much for any guard to handle and Bird would just light yo a.. up from the perimeter and with that size Curry ain’t blocking that.”

Well, he’s got a point. The 6’9 Bird with his famously incredible dribbles, passes and shots would leave Curry with food for thought at the end of the game. Surprisingly, there is a very logical user with the most practical scenario that would happen.

“With all due respect, Kobe and Jordan on the same team might not work as well as everyone thinks. They both are ball dominate players. And as much as I love Shaq and him being unstoppable. He’s going to get into foul trouble quick and they will just hack a Shaq and put him on the line. I have to give it to team Current.”

See? Rational. While everyone else seemed to focus on individual merits, this user seems to have given more thought to how the players would look like as a team. There are only so many Alpha Males a court can hold. James Gist III, one of the best forward-centers in Europe at one time, seems to be a Shaq lover.

“Any team @shaq on is winning”


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Interestingly, Gist featured in a cameo role with the Spurs in the 2010 NBA Summer League but was thereafter waived. Now, he is looking to make his mark in Europe.

Yet another user makes things simple for all.

“The guys on the bottom play defense. The guys on the top don’t. That should some things up.”


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If only all the equations in the world were as easy as this one.

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