Tari Eason’s Mom Asks Stephen Curry the Right Question After Presidential Candidacy Admission

Published 03/14/2024, 9:03 AM EDT

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USA Today via Reuters

Stephen Curry will obviously go down as one of the best NBA players, he obviously is the best shooter of all time, is there something he hasn’t achieved yet? As he ventures into the future, an aging Curry has started to look around, exploring avenues beyond sports. The kind of persona he holds, he isn’t a Michael Jordan or a Magic Johnson who will venture into business and finances; he is much more than that. People connect to him, and people are inclined toward him, and probably why the best-suited field for him would be a career in politics. And Curry has already admitted he is interested in the same.

There aren’t too many NBA stars who have expressed such a wish. It might even be bizarre for some, but then again, he golfs with ex-POTUS Barack Obama. Of course, this could have been expected out of him. Once Curry expressed his wishes, the world started to come together, pouring in many reactions, some shocked and some excited. All the noise is only growing, with everyone just discussing how Curry could actually be a President someday, or perhaps start with contesting for the local government at first sometime down the line. Among all the noise was Tari Eason’s mother. She had a very simple take on the situation, and as famous as she is for her outspoken personality, she simply tweeted a question on X (formerly Twitter), “Why wait?”


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Teroya Eason’s words could have meant, why wait for the future when this is the perfect moment? Curry is in his prime. He can do so much more now; there’s just so much going for him that would undoubtedly make his case. Curry is definitely at his peak, despite the ankle injuries, despite anything else. He does have an aura, people connect with him. He does make people feel at ease, and hopeful for their future. Curry isn’t the average Joe in the league. Rather, he came a slender, small-looking guy with basketball skills. His clothes did not fit him well at the time. His coaches said he looked like he wore his father’s jersey. He has a homely, calm, fun demeanor that will work wonderfully well in politics.

So perhaps, Tari Eason’s mom is right – “why wait?” Why not take a step forward and embark on the journey now?

Stephen Curry wants to “leverage every part of his influence” for good


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Stephen Curry mentioned the possibility of running for President during an interview about his new children’s book, “I Am Extraordinary”. The Currys’ adopted hometown of Oakland has been their primary center for development. Steph and Ayesha’s Eat.Learn.Play Foundation provides nutritious food and ensures they have a healthy balance of education and physical activity.

Over the years, they have provided around $6 million for the future of these kids. And he confirmed that they had no plans of stopping their work any time soon. It was at this point that the host asked if he would be interested in politics or the President even. His answer was, “I have an interest in leveraging every part of my influence for the good in the way I can. If that’s the way to do, it then … maybe.”


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Well, one thing is for sure. Stephen Curry is not looking for a comfortable, retired life, enjoying the sunset, with a glass of Gentleman’s Cut, and simply walking down memory lane of glory. He has bigger and greater goals and we hope he reaches them all!

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