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6 minutes and 21 seconds remaining on the clock. The Celtics were up by 10 points at 95-85. Boston’s favorite center, Kristaps Porzingis decided to give them the next heart attack. The 7-foot big man was seen hobbling after contesting a P.J. Washington drive. The Celtics crowd held their breath waiting for KP’s next move. Will he ask to be subbed out? Or can he hold his ground and finish the night?

To the delight of the fans gathered at TD Garden, Porzingis decided to stay back. But the struggle was too obvious. He was moving gingerly on both ends of the court. The 2018 All-Star kept going until Daniel Gafford beat him up the court for an open dunk and Joe Mazzulla decided it was enough of ‘The Unicorn’ on the court.

The game was moving into crunch time and much to the dismay of the ‘Beantown’ fans, Al Horford was brought in the place of Kristaps. Although there are no details as to what exactly caused the sudden glitch, Keith Smith of Spotrac tweeted that Porzingis was getting his calf worked on.


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“All eyes turn to Kristaps Porzingis and whatever happened to his leg. Looked like he was getting his calf worked on after coming out.”

The 2015 No. 4 pick has become a crucial component of the Boston Celtics. Although his history is injury-riddled, the performance that the 28-year-old defensive stalwart showcases was enough proof for the Cs to sign him. Given the frequency of his injuries, Mazzulla and the rest of the team had curated a gameplay taking into consideration everything.

Having a loaded roster with skilled veterans and youngsters waiting to jump in at a moment’s notice has certainly helped. However, the presence of a 7’2, 240-pound giant in the NBA Finals is something in itself! So what did the man in question have to say about the latest scenario?

What did Kristaps Porzingis say about his injury?

Although KP6 himself wasn’t sure about the nature of his injury, the EuroCup rising star was confident that all necessary steps would be taken to ensure he would take the floor for Game 3. Jared Weiss of The Athletic shared his reassuring words via his X account. “Kristaps Porizngis said he feels good but they will have to take a look at his leg injury tomorrow. But it doesn’t sound like he plans to sit Game 3. “I will die out there.””


It wasn’t that long since he was sidelined due to a calf strain. A non-contact injury during Game 4 vs the Miami Heat saw Porzingis leaving Kaseya Center in walking boots. The poor guy missed the rest of the series. And the next is against Cleveland. And then the Conference Finals against the Pacers, as well.


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Seeing as how he seems determined not to miss what might well be his first NBA title, we can expect Kristaps Porzingis to suit up against the Mavericks in Dallas. The ‘Big D’ for its part, has to win Game 3! Of course, they would have one more chance to survive in Game 4. But it would be kind of a done deal by then, wouldn’t you say? Even if they return back to Boston for Game 5, the Mavs would still be at a major disadvantage. And that’s hoping the Jays and Jrue Holiday will let them drag the series that long.

So, what do you think? Will Kristaps be up and running for Game 3? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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