“2 400 Lb Tigers Are Fighting and Mike Tyson Is the Ref”: Terrifying Story from Boxing Legend Catches Shaquille O’Neal and Social Media Off-Guard

Published 01/23/2023, 11:10 AM EST

Recently, Los Angeles Lakers legend and Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal was seemingly captivated by a terrifying story narrated by the boxing legend Mike Tyson. The story certainly amused the Big Diesel as he proceeded to share it with his fans and followers. Meanwhile, the intriguing tale of two tigers fighting in the presence of Mike Tyson also garnered the attention of fans on social media and made them reflect on the astounding affair.

Tigers are very close to former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson. However, ‘Kid Dynamite’ once disclosed a terrifying yet interesting story about his tigers during an interview.

Shaquille O’Neal shared a terrifying story narrated by Mike Tyson


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Shaq was seemingly stumped upon coming across this terrifying story narrated by Tyson. As a result, he shared it on his Instagram story. In the video, Iron Mike could be seen narrating a story of a fight between his pet tigers. The now 56-year-old legend began by saying, “The tiger knows he has to be put in his place and if you are not able to put him in his place, he’ll put you in your place….” Moreover, he added, ” You can train them but can’t tame ’em.”

Tyson continued, “When you have them raised, they sleep in bed with you. And I had two of them in the bed. That’s why they don’t go well together. If they’re in bed, they wanna get close and next thing you know you got two 400-pound cats fighting, holysh*t, and you try to roll to the floor. You roll on the floor, they’re fighting on the bed coz they wanna get close to you.”

The former world heavyweight champion concluded the story by disclosing that he was unable to stop the altercation between his tigers. And as a result, everyone had to leave the house.

Netizens reflected on Mike Tyson’s terrifying story about his tigers

Meanwhile, Tyson’s story elicited the cybersurfers’ attention. They expressed their opinions in the comment section of an Instagram post featuring a clip of the story. Most netizens seemingly enjoyed the story and had a plethora of things to say. One user jokingly said, “Imagine walking in to a room and 2 400 pound tigers are fighting and Mike Tyson is a ref…” 


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Here are some of the reactions from fans:

“Only Mike Tyson can sleep in a bed with two tigers and still be the baddest cat in the room”

“Mike lived the life of 10 men already.”

“Anything that can have Mike effin Tyson shook up I aint messing with”


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“Tiger was lucky that he didn’t get punch”

“I think mike could knock a tiger out”

“Only Tyson could get away with this(emojis) I can barely deal with my roommates cat”


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