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Ayush Roy


One take at a time

About me

Ayush Roy is an NBA writer at EssentiallySports, with a keen interest in trades and matchups. He has contributed over 500 articles to date, showcasing his expertise in the field. Ayush's favorite activity, apart from writing about teams in the NBA, is diving deep into the economics of the popular league. His unique approach to combining financial aspects with core-sport stories is a testament to his creativity and analytical skills. Ayush draws inspiration from analyses by famous commentators, observing each season's dynamics, and incorporating a financial perspective into his work. His writing is characterized by transparency and credibility, evident in his pieces about the re-purchase of the Philadelphia 76ers amidst an NBA lockout in 2011 and how the Nike-Air Jordans deal remodeled apparel endorsements by basketballers. Ayush shares a fascination for many other sports, but his love for basketball remains unparalleled. He is also a music-lover and spends his time honing his skills on the guitar when he is not sweating it out at the gym.