Feeling the Betrayal Like Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan’s Biggest Rival Empathizes with “Disrespected” Bulls Member for Last Dance Saga

Published 03/15/2023, 4:46 PM EDT

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After the Netflix documentary The Last Dance came out in 2020, it took the Internet by storm. Shortly after it was released, Scottie Pippen revealed that he felt betrayed by Michael Jordan because he believed he was portrayed as an afterthought in the documentary. Just like Pippen, a two-time champion expressed his disappointment with the documentary in a recent interview. Furthermore, he also empathized with a former Chicago Bulls executive, as he thought Jordan and his Chicago Bulls teammates ‘disrespected’ him in that documentary.

Detroit Pistons legend Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan have locked horns with each other during their playing days, both of them being rivals on the court. Over the years, Zeke has called out Jordan on multiple occasions for his questionable actions and this time was no different.

Isiah Thomas didn’t like Michael Jordan’s gesture in the Last Dance Documentary


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Recently, Isiah Thomas sat down with the Boston Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell for a chat and touched on several topics before disclosing that he was unhappy with Jordan addressing him as an ‘a**hole’ in the documentary. While speaking about his qualms about the popular docuseries, the 12x All-Star subsequently revealed the biggest thing that disappointed him about the Last Dance.

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Thomas declared it was how the then Bulls GM Jerry Krause was portrayed in the show posthumously. Thomas couldn’t understand the ridicule and mockery Krause was subjected to at the hands of the 14-time All-Star and his teammates.

The two-time champion said, “In our era, these are the respected GMs…Red Auerbach, Jerry West, Wayne Embry, Jerry Krause, Jack McCloskey. Them were like the guys and I could never imagine Red Auerbach being treated the way that Jerry Krause got treated by the players. And I can’t imagine Jerry West getting on the bus and the Lakers dissing him.”

The now 61-year-old continued, “I can’t imagine us treating Jack McCloskey the way the Chicago Bulls was treating Jerry Krause. Now it’s one thing to do it privately but now you gonna do it in your documentary, the man is gone…he[Krause] got family still here.” 

The Last Dance revealed what happened behind the curtains in the 1997-98 title-winning season, MJ’s final season with the Bulls. Fans got to know many things after watching it, including the toxic relationship between His Airness and Krause. The 14x All-Star was not a fan of Krause and therefore didn’t hold back.


“A Documentary About a Guy Being an A**hole, and He Calls Me an A**hole”: 3 Years After Michael Jordan’s Last Dance Outburst, His Fiercest Rival Once Again Reignites Fire

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Jordan could be seen mocking him on multiple occasions in the documentary. This didn’t sit well with many across the basketball world, including Thomas.

Thomas slammed Jordan previously for showing Jerry Krause in a bad light

This was not the first time when Thomas called out Jordan for his gesture towards Krause in the documentary. In December 2022, the 12x All-Star appeared on The Pivot Podcast and said, “Watching that doc…I was most disappointed in. The way I see them treat Jerry Krause.” Moreover, he added, “Now here’s the other thing that was disappointing the Man (Jerry Krause) is dead. His kids. His family. People are watching that you ain’t gotta do that. I can’t respect that. I can’t respect that. “


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