“I Couldn’t Stop None of It”: 8x All-Star Reveals How Stephen Curry Shattered His Plans With 50-Point Masterpiece

Published 03/18/2023, 8:50 AM EDT

USA Today via Reuters

The Golden State Warriors fell short against the Los Angeles Clippers on Wednesday night despite a terrific performance from four-time champion and Warriors guard Stephen Curry. The 9x All-Star wasn’t able to secure a win for his team but was successful in shattering one of his opponent’s plans. An eight-time All-Star himself, he revealed how Curry ruined his strategy while guarding him.

Curry is arguably the greatest shooter of all time and guarding him is no cakewalk. Even the best defenders in the league struggle to guard the four-time champion as he tricks past them, finding a way to bucket it in.

Paul George understands how it feels – to have one’s ploys fail against the 2x MVP.


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Stephen Curry got the best of Paul George

Paul George recently shared a snippet from his podcast, revealing his thoughts on guarding Curry. The Clippers forward started by saying, “I called this dude [Dallas Rutherford] leading up to the game. Yo I got Steph. I’m about to lock him down, like I’m locked in.” Rutherford, who was one of the co-hosts said, “He was dead serious and I kinda was like, ‘Alright, what’s your gameplan like in guarding him?'”

The All-Star replied, “I said, ‘I’ma force him into layups…He’s gonna have to beat me every time. No threes all that…'” Another co-host, Jackie Long, put an end to his claims by informing everyone what the already knew – Stephen Curry dropped 50 points in the game. The 32-year-old acknowledged by saying, “I couldn’t stop none of it…It’s just his shot making.”

He continued, “It’s good defense on anybody else. You can’t give him no air…That’s why I told you, ‘Bruh, I’ma smother him when we play him’…and I couldn’t.” The clip ends with the Clippers star asking his co-hosts for their love to help him stop the incredible shooter.


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For Paul George, the Clippers’ 134-126 win was surely a silver lining on the dark cloud Wednesday night. Stephen Curry rounded up his fifty points by clocking two rebounds, and six assists, leading the Golden State Warriors in a tough fight.

The Warriors’ road ahead

The Warriors lost against the Atlanta Hawks last night and with this loss, they continued their streak of losing when not playing at home. They have 11 games left in hand and Stephen Curry and Co will play only five out of those 11 games at Chase Center. The Warriors are now 7-28 in their road games. Fans surely understand the probability of making it to the playoffs.


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The Western highway is a rocky journey as April looms and the Dubs will try to win every game before the season ends. As Paul George will verify, Stephen Curry has his eyes set on the championship.



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