Months After Breaking Down Over Father’s Loss, Knicks All-Star’s 6 Year Old Son Wrestled a Kid to the Ground

Published 01/17/2023, 9:10 AM EST

One New York Knicks star’s six-year-old son recently wrestled a kid on the basketball court. Interestingly, the same kid broke down in tears after his father lost his preseason game against the Indian Pacers a few months back. Fans will hardly be able to contain their laughter after knowing the reason behind the six-year-old wrestling with another kid on the hardwood.

The player whose son wrestled on the court is none other than the All-Star Julius Randle. Randle’s son, Kyden is one of his biggest supporters, apart from his massive crowd of fans. Lately, the little kid has stolen the spotlight with his wrestling manoeuvre on the hardwood.

Julius Randle’s son wrestled a kid to the ground


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Apart from being perhaps his father’s biggest supporter, Kyden plays basketball just like his father. Recently, a hilarious clip got viral on the internet where the fans could see the little kid wrestling with another kid on the hardwood.

In the clip, the fans could see the 28-year-old’s son continuously asking for the basketball on the hardwood but was unable to get his hands on it as his teammates ignored his calls. Following this incident, the six-year-old decided to wait no longer and take the matter into his own hands.

He walked in front of his teammates and snatched the ball from his own teammate. During this process, he also wrestled the kid to the ground. With this action, Randall Jr. gave everyone a good laugh in the hoops world.

Kyden broke down in tears on the court months before wrestling a kid to the ground

This was not the first time Kyden Randle was the center of attraction on social media. As mentioned earlier, months ago, the six-year-old broke down after his father lost against the Pacers during the preseason.


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As the teams were preparing for the 2022-23 season, the Knicks were bested by the Pacers. The game ended with a score of 131-114.  Therefore, probably being the biggest fan of his father, the six-year couldn’t stop crying. The fans got to see the fairly adorable sight of the kid crying after a video got uploaded on social media.


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Randle is one of the most instrumental players for the Knicks. The 28-year-old is averaging around 24.5 points along with grabbing 10.5 rebounds. Apart from that, he is also dishing out 3.8 assists on average per game in the ongoing season. The Knicks are also in good form and are currently sitting in the sixth position on the Eastern Conference table.


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