“He Wouldn’t Trust Me to Do It”: Despite $150 Million Alliance, Denny Hamlin Blurts Confession on Billionaire Michael Jordan

Published 03/09/2023, 11:45 AM EST

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Michael Jordan in the 90s was a phenomenon that nobody wanted to face. The fearless player was motivated by every aspect of the game, including the shade thrown at him by the opponents. Somehow he liked being criticized, as it gave him more reasons to prove himself. On the court, the Chicago Bulls legend remained unfazed and went on to dominate teams in the NBA. However, years later it has been revealed that fear did get the better of him, just not the way anyone would imagine.

The Bulls legend has remained a behemoth off the court with his numerous businesses and sports teams. Incidentally, The Charlotte Hornets and 23XI racing keep him in the circles that he’d want to be a part of. Many of those experiences have led to amazing stories, especially with his business partner, Denny Hamlin.

Denny Hamlin narrates an amazing story of Michael Jordan getting a taste of NASCAR


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Michael Jordan has always professed his love for racing and NASCAR. Naturally, the Bulls legend finally decided to do something about it and started a NASCAR racing team alongside legendary driver Denny Hamlin, called 23XI.

In a recent episode of the Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin podcast, the legendary driver narrated a rather hilarious story about his business partner Michael Jordan. According to Hamlin, Jordan doesn’t fancy taking a stock car for a run because of previous experiences.

Hamlin was asked, late on the podcast, on an unrelated note,”When will we see Michael Jordan behind the wheel of a cup car?

Never again, He [Michael Jordan] did it once, but it was the simulator at TRD,” said Hamlin. He further added, “He wanted to feel what we feel, and so Toyota set it up and our team set it up for him to get in the Toyota simulator…And then it was probably 15 minutes and he says, ‘I’m done,’ ” 

It’s difficult to imagine that the no. 23 from Chicago was scared of driving a car, but going 200 mph in a really hot car, can make anyone ‘tap out’. Furthermore, when Hamlin was asked if he could take Jordan out for a drive instead, the driver gave a hilarious response.

He[MJ]wouldn’t trust me to do it. No. Because he knows I’ve tried to scare him,” said Hamlin.

It seems like the business partners share a healthy relationship, as pranking His Airness does require quite a bit of courage. The duo started the team back in 2020, and since then have never looked back as it is worth $150 Million currently.

Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin’s 23XI racing team


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The Chicago Bulls legend’s fandom for NASCAR landed him in the business of racing as he paired up with Hamlin for a huge business move. Since its inception with Bubba Wallace as its driver, the team has come a long way.

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Currently, the team has expanded to three drivers, namely, Bubba Wallace, Tyler Reddick, and Travis Pastrana who’s part-time and competed with 23XI for the first time in February 2023. The team has had three race victories in its relatively young life.


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