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NBA Legend Dennis Rodman Was Forced to Use Obsolete Technology Solely Due to the FBI: “It’s Not Magic Honey!”

Published 09/08/2022, 2:30 PM EDT

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Dennis Rodman is one of the most unforgettable characters in NBA history. While he’ll always be remembered for his heroics on the NBA hardwood as a rebounding powerhouse, his off-court antics are as widely chronicled.

Rodman brought a tremendous level of intensity to the court every time he stepped on it. He was all about his business and made it a priority to excel at his role every night. Therefore, whichever team he joined, he was critical to their success. Off the court, The Worm was a somewhat divisive but colorful character. He has generated countless moments that seem too bizarre to be true. However, that is quintessentially Rodman, a unique character both on and off the court.


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Another indication that he is the one of most intriguing characters in NBA history is that he carries five phones with him. Oddly, these are all old-school flip phones.

A while ago, Rodman appeared for an interview on Houston life. There he was talking about how his life was simpler during the 90s. Back then, he could relate to everything he did. After saying that, like a magician pulling a bunny from his hat, the Chicago Bulls legend pulled out his two flip phones, one in each hand.


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Even the host was perplexed, calling it a magic trick considering how smoothly he pulled out his phones. “It’s not a magic trick honey,” said Rodman. When asked why he had two flip phones, the five-time NBA champion disclosed that he has indeed five in total. Again, this begged the question of why someone would have five flip phones.

Subsequently, Rodman disclosed the bizarre reason for such a unique habit.

Dennis Rodman on why he has five flip phones

Dennis Rodman put forth an unbelievable reason for why he has five flip phones. To be clear, he doesn’t carry flip phones because he is afraid of modern technology. On the contrary, he does so to evade the FBI. In fact, Rodman revealed that the FBI keeps track of his phone because they believe he is in touch with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.


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“The reason why I got these flip phones is because the FBI- they check my phones,” said the NBA legend.  “Because they think that Kim Jong Un is calling me, every day.”


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When the hosts heard this, they were taken aback, calling it surreal and fascinating. When asked whether the North Korean leader is really calling him, he responded no.


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Nothing has drawn Rodman more notoriety in his post-NBA career than his supposed links to North Korea. The Hall of Famer has traveled to North Korea on multiple occasions. In fact, he first visited the secluded country in 2013 for a basketball exhibition, when he became close friends with Kim Jong Un. ‘The Worm’ even declared Kim “a friend for life” and stated that he is not like how he is generally portrayed in the media.

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As strange as this all sounds, it is completely true. As a matter of fact, as Rodman mentioned, their alleged friendship is a cause of concern for federal agencies.


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