After Making Whopping $6 Billion Figure Purchase, Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Strongly Endorses Massive College Development

Published 08/19/2023, 8:41 AM EDT

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For a large portion of the time since its invention, many believed that basketball was a sport that was yet to reach the masses. However, a revolution in college basketball in the late 1970s saw a shift. Suddenly, what was once a maligned sport became premium viewing. A majestic point guard with a charismatic personality, who went by the name of Magic Johnson, quickly won over the hearts of the entire nation.

Simultaneously, he also won the NCAA title in the most-watched college basketball game ever. Today, he stands as good friends with the league’s owner and has become a bigger name than perhaps the league itself. But that hasn’t stopped him from constantly endorsing the moves by the Big 12 commissioner.

Major college basketball update gets endorsement from Magic Johnson


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Throughout the history of basketball, college appointment has been premium viewing. Even during the days of the NBA struggling to capture a TV deal, college basketball was already on the map. To this day, March Madness remains an uber-exciting time to be a basketball fan.

However, the sheer multi-load of talent in the nation has brought up an interesting question. Do the legendary programs and conferences need a restructuring? While the Big 10 that Magic Johnson used to put himself on the national radar has since added multiple names to it, where does it stop?

Commissioner in charge Brett Yormak recently spoke about the plans as an official expansion to 16 teams is just days away. Speaking to USA Today, he confirmed that no further plans for expansions were in place. “Right now, we’re done…We had a vision…I think 16 was a dream scenario candidly. From our perspective, our focus right now is to integrate the four incoming schools.” 

As announced, the 12-team league is expanding to 16, with names like UCLA, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington joining the proceedings. Also, the proceedings will be keenly monitored by LeBron James. His son, Bronny, will also be among the members as USC crosses over to the Big 12.

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Magic Johnson was in full support of Brett, whom he even met on his vacation across the Mediterranean. “I’m so happy and excited about the job Brett Yormark is doing as commissioner of the Big 12! He has absolutely knocked it out [of] the park. BTW I ran into him, his twin brother Michael, and their wives at the Lemon Tree Restaurant in Capri this summer,” Johnson wrote on X.

While he finally stakes a claim in football after venturing into basketball and baseball as an owner, perhaps an added interest in the college scenery could be related to his record purchase.

After the NBA, Magic Johnson heads to the NFL


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Owing to his NBA payday, marketability, and shrewd business acumen, Magic has accumulated over $600 million dollars in net worth. Among those investments, is a fascination with sports ownership. Whether it be the NBA in the form of a short tenure with the Lakers, the WNBA with the Sparks, or baseball with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Johnson has remained around the LA area.

However, a shift to the football field sees him join an ownership group with the Philadelphia 76ers’ Joshua Harris. But this time around, it’s not the LA area that sees Magic’s financial support. Instead, his sights are on the nation’s capital with the Washington Commanders.


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After weeks of doubts and rumors, the sale became official with $6 billion as the official price of the deal. Taking over from much-maligned Dan Snyder, Johnson became the first Black owner in the NFL. Maybe he can turn Washington’s fortunes around like he did with the NBA.

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