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The transition for an athlete from sports to business can be quite difficult. While there are some startling examples of players succeeding away from their game, that isn’t the norm. For every Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, and Shaquille O’Neal, a bevy of superstars didn’t find that level of success. Unfortunately, that is the hole that one Houston Astros legend found himself in when in conversation with Charles Barkley.

While a nice person in general, Barkley isn’t shy of poking fun the way of others. And, with an easy target in sight, the Chuckster did not hold back.

Charles Barkley subtly showcases the superiority in his retired life


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While the baseball season has been a surefire hit, with a first-time-ever winner in the Texas Rangers, there was another story coming out of the state. Despite a remarkable run to begin the 2020s, Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker Jr. announced his retirement.

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Since 2020, the Astros have been a surefire juggernaut. While making the World Series every year, they have also been far and away the leaders of their Conference. However, this year was different.

After a 5-game and 16-game lead, this time around, they could only secure the division on the final day of the calendar. As a result, there was a lot of criticism from the fans, especially on social media. Eventually, Baker couldn’t take it anymore and decided to call it quits.

Further, his previous bouts with cancer also had a role to play in the decision. However, Charles’ jokes came in late.

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Just as the interview was wrapping up, host Ernie Johnson extended courtesies, thanking Dusty for giving them time, Chuck was immediate in his response. “A big chunk of time? He ain’t got nothing to do. It’s 24 hours in a day, what the hell’s he gotta do? Dusty, you got 23 1/2 hours left. So, good luck with the rest of your day.” 

While in jest, it does bring to mind the incredible success the 1993 NBA MVP has had in life after basketball. In contrast, Dusty could have far different plans in mind.

The contrast between Dusty and Barkley’s retirement plans

Though Dusty Baker Jr. has a lot more time on his hands, he might just play it safe in his retirement.


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Notably, the MLB legend is respectfully declining the invitation for a grill. Not the backyard kind but a diamond one that Houston rapper Paul Wall was ready to offer him. Charles, a one-time Houston Rocket himself, could not see Dusty sporting such a look. The former manager, as the Houston Chronicles reports, agreed.

Can you see me with a grill on, Charles? Man, what’d I look like, 74 years old, walking around with a grill on?” While the possibilities of a grill seem mute, there is plenty that he has already accomplished.

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Even though the last few months might not have been ideal, Dusty Baker Jr. gave the city of Houston, and others, plenty to celebrate. Before his managerial career, Dusty played as an outfielder in the MLB for 19 seasons.

Along with 3 Golden Gloves, 2 All-Star selections, Baker also won a World Series in 1981. Notably, he also received the first ever National League Championship Series MVP in 1977. As a tremendous career comes to an end, Charles Barkley, as always, remains full of wit, wishing the 74-year-old “good luck”.