Berated for Poor Cigar Etiquette, Charles Barkley Once Forgave 77YO NFL Veteran but Not Michael Jordan

Published 07/04/2023, 2:30 PM EDT

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Charles Barkley is among the funniest dudes in the entertainment business. While he was dominant as an NBA player, The Round Mound of Rebound has established his post-career legacy. Whether as an analyst on TNT, or his golfing exploits, Barkley is must-see TV. Days after his epic roast of Draymond Green, Barkley was back at it. On The Steam Room podcast, Chuck discussed his relationship with Michael Jordan, especially involving cigars. And, like always, Sir Charles was at his hilarious best.

But wait, did Barkley himself not know how to smoke cigars?

Charles Barkley got a hard time by Rashad for his cigar technique


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Chuck, who recently nominated co-host Ernie Johnson into the Sports Broadcasting Hall-Of-Fame, was in conversation with Ahmad Rashad. However, midway through, Barkley asked for an apology from the Emmy Award winner.

The reason? Charles’ cigar-smoking etiquette. As the man himself put it, “You wanna take this time to apologize to me for yelling at me when I didn’t know how to smoke good cigars”.


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As Rashad broke down into laughter, Chuckster explained the ordeal to Johnson.

So Ernie… When I started hanging out with Michael [Jordan] and I’m out and we play golf and we smoke. So, I didn’t know the difference between regular cigars and great cigars… They’re smoking some of the best stuff in the world and I was just learning how to smoke cigars… And, these guys would look at me like, ‘Yo man, you’ve got to finish that cigar. That’s one of the best in the world… Chuck, when you become a real cigar smoker, you got to have two sets of cigars. You got to have one foot of riffraff who’s gonna take three or four puffs and… The good stuff for real cigar smokers.’ When Ahmad yelled at me that time… I appreciate that. I forgive you for yelling at me.”

While Chuck was quick to forgive the NFL veteran, his war with MJ didn’t seem to end anytime soon.

Chuck says a reunion with MJ is unlikely

Ernie, ever the compassionate, tried to think of ways that the two basketball icons could mend fences. He even suggested using Ahmad as a mediator. However, according to Charles, the expectation is pointless.

As he claims, “I would like to fix it, but Michael’s doing great. I’m doing great… I know we are both too stubborn.” As all three broke into laughter, it seems like a Charles and MJ friendship is going to remain a pipedream.


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But fans can keep hoping that Charles eventually lets it go, like his earlier issues. Some time ago, Barkley revealed how MJ’s extended smoking habit really irked him. Even though it bothered him, Michael wouldn’t quit. Eventually, Barkley let it go as letting “a grown man make his own decisions.”

If the podcast proves anything, it’s that Charles might eventually let it go.


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So, fans of MJ and Barkley, keep watching. Perhaps a reunion might be around the corner; what do you think?


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