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Elvis Presley & Marilyn Monroe Prompted Shaquille O’Neal to Secure His Aura After Life’s Ultimate Step: “They’re Not Even Around. So, I Found Out..”

Published 11/20/2023, 7:25 PM EST

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After reaching a certain stature, preserving one’s legacy becomes just as important as building it. That is the conclusion that Shaquille O’Neal came to due to two of the all-time greats. So, an effort to replicate their strategy is what led to one of his key business ventures. While his project continues to grow in value, O’Neal hasn’t lost sight of the bigger picture.

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Neither has he forgotten the idea that led to its creation.

Shaquille O’Neal cites the inspiration for a key business venture


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Whether it be as a basketball player or a businessman, the Los Angeles Lakers legend has found success at every level. However, his deal with Authentic Brands was about preserving his legacy more so than enhancing it.

But he did not get the idea himself. Instead, it was two of the greatest entertainers in history that became Shaq’s muse. As the big man himself says, “ I was walking down the street one day and looking at these Elvis cups and Elvis key chains and Marilyn Monroe, and I said to myself, ‘How are these people still making money for their families?They’re not even around.


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From there, the idea struck the Miami Heat legend. “So, I found out how that business works, and I contacted two or three of those agencies and asked them if they were interested in partnering with Authentic Brands, and we’ve been doing major things...I was able to ensure that, hopefully, I can stay around after I’m no longer on this earth.

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The conversation with Afro Tech was enlightening, as it gave insight into the variety of ideas that make the many business decisions of Shaquille O’Neal come to life. While the Authentic Brands deal might be a shot at self-preservation, some decisions are deep in nostalgia.

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Like his move with Allen Iverson toward the purchase of Reebok.


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Shaquille O’Neal’s partnership with AI

While they may have been rivals on the court, these days Iverson and Superman are enjoying corporate rooms together. However, their endeavor has a nostalgic lens just as much as a business one. Moreover, Authentic Brands was essential to making that deal possible.

3 decades after Rebook first made the two its biggest acquisitions in a bid to combat Michael Jordan and Nike, the superstar duo has now taken control of the brand. In a deal worth more than $2.5 billion, the pair was able to acquire the company.


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Even though they’ve quickly taken to refining the product, the journey remains a long one and could come to define their legacies. But, we know, where legacy is concerned, Diesel leaves no stone unturned.

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