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Athletes finding success beyond their sport used to be an anomaly. But, with time, that misconception has come to a rest. Due to the likes of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, trailblazers in every sense of the word, the stigma is over. However, more names are quickly joining the business world after a basketball career. Among them, a recent addition who’s been mighty successful is Dwyane Wade. In a few short years, he has already established a major brand for himself. So, it comes as no surprise that there is a particular model he’s following.

With a brilliant 2023 behind him and a stacked 2024 on the come-up, the Miami Heat legend was asked about what his vision board for the new year looks like. “A lot. My vision board this year is 20 pages, and I want to fill it up throughout the entire year. I think I have five pages filled up so far.”

In particular, though, there is one former NBA legend-turned-mogul he’s trying to emulate. “[There are] a lot of photos. Some of it is words like I said: be intentional. I [also] put the things I want. I have a photo of Magic Johnson because he’s someone I aspire to, from a business [perspective].”


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With his goals and ‘vision’ already clear for the upcoming year, it is now a challenge to achieve each of those. Moreover, the 3x NBA Champion wants to see how each of those accomplishments helps him in the long run. With a model as successful as the one for Magic, it is hard to find many flaws in his game plan.

Already, the structure has given Wade some solid victories in the business world.

How is Dwyane Wade stacking up post-basketball?

While naturally charismatic, his foray into unforeseen territories saw him net a role as a game show host. Even though an admittedly terrifying ordeal, the entire venture was a rousing success. As a result, a second season is soon to arrive.


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Similarly, he has also taken on a producer role, spreading his wings in the entertainment industry further. As Hollywood as it gets, the ties to Johnson are plain to see. But the uncanny resemblance doesn’t just end there.

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While names like LeBron James and Shaquille O’Neal try to find a path to NBA ownership, Wade has bypassed them on the spectrum. Like Magic, who became a minority owner for the Los Angeles Lakers early on, Wade had found his footing as an owner in the league as well.


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The post-basketball transition has gone according to plan for The Flash. But, the question is, can he continue on that vision?

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