Steering Clear of ‘Possessive’ Dwyane Wade’s Wife, 8x Grammy Awardee Seemingly Reminded of Embarrassing Jimmy Butler Saga

Published 09/25/2023, 6:16 AM EDT

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Due to their intimidating physique and impressive stature, the prospect of going against an NBA player can be scary. If the matter of dispute is personal, then that fear is twice as bad. While Jimmy Butler found out firsthand what a comment on Gabrielle Union can feel like, a megastar chose distance. Instead of trouble, the King of R&B was happy to remain in the good graces of Dwyane Wade.

In the city of Love, Wade couldn’t help but shower that feeling on a personal favorite.

Dwyane Wade enlists fear in an 8x Grammy winner


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Since retiring, Wade has become a celebrity icon. Whether it be a fledging business career or his impeccable fashion sense, Wade’s name continues to shine bright. That flourishing career took the Miami Heat legend to Paris along with his wife Gabrielle Union. During their trip, the two went to a live music concert, that saw many all-time artists, including Usher. The soon-to-be Super Bowl performer took note of the celebrity guests in the house. However, a hilarious moment came in the next few seconds.

As he came close to the two in the first row with a rendition of Boyfriend, the 8-time Grammy Award winner was trying to avoid any further controversy with that song. “Let’s stop. Let’s not get carried away. You see this is Dwyane Wade. I ain’t crazy.” 


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While the two shared a hug onstage, Wade sent out an Instagram story capturing the legend. With a simple message of “Love and Respect,” it was clear that the two were on good terms. Since Boyfriend itself was the culmination of a feud involving Keke Palmer, Usher did not need any further problems.

Especially not with Dwyane Wade. If not sure, then just ask Jimmy Butler how the ordeal goes.

The Jimmy Butler, D-Wade saga

During their tenure together with the Chicago Bulls, Butler, and the 3-time NBA Champion became close friends, adopting a brotherly relationship.

However, that did not stop the two from engaging in a fiercely hilarious rivalry. And, like any classic brotherly dispute story, the genesis was a woman.


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In a photo by Gabrielle, Butler made the comment, “WELL DAMN.” While the initial comment drew no public response, apart from a “MINE” on the same picture, it was later that Wade made his point clear. Butler took to Instagram with a seemingly normal picture, captioning it, “The good, the bad and the ugly.”

D-Wade, however, had other ideas. Taking to the comments section, Dwyane gave Jimmy a bit of friendly advice. “Put well damn in caps on my wife photo again and you’re gonna see what the good, the bad and the ugly is like.”

With the relationship the two share, it was clear that the two were merely engaging in friendly banter.


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Soon after, Jimmy’s reply made that abundantly obvious. “Well, that escalated quickly. Point noted. I’m still coming to the BBQ tho.”

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