“A Bad MF”: Bulls’ Zach LaVine Hits Back at Michael Jordan Troll

November 29, 2020 9:10 pm

Mike Tyson versus Roy Jones Jr. ended in a draw, but it was spectacular to see two legends going at it once again. Naturally, the internet was filled with memes and even ESPN jumped in on it. They posted an NBA-related meme involving Michael Jordan and Zach Lavine might have taken it personally! 

The epic clash ended in a draw, and there was mutual respect between both fighters after the bout. Several pages on Twitter jumped on the bandwagon to entertain fans with content, and ‘NBA on ESPN’ was one of them. 

They posted a photo of a towering Scottie Pippen during his time in Portland and Wizards’ Michael Jordan guarding him at the back. The difference in height was amusing, and the page posted the photo by adding the caption: “Mike Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr.”

However, there is a thought that MJ with the Wizards was ineffective. Bulls’ Zach Lavine rubbished the idea and added his comment to the photo by stating how good an aged Jordan was with Washington!

“MJ was still a bad mf! He put up 20+ at 40. Don’t downplay that…,” LaVine wrote. 

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Now Zach Lavine is right in every way possible. Jordan’s contribution as a Wizard is massively downplayed for no particular reason. He averaged above 20.0 points in both his seasons after a 3-year-long layoff from the NBA

A dig at Michael Jordan rarely goes unpunished, and ESPN learned that lesson the hard way; for LaVine was quick to come to MJ’s aid. After all, it is just a Bulls player defending a franchise legend! 

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Can Michael Jordan be deemed the greatest scorer of all-time?

It is quite likely that a majority of the people in the NBA community would agree that Michael Jordan is the greatest scorer of all-time. His stats speak for him and nobody has won 10-scoring titles in NBA history other than ‘His Airness’. 

Kevin Durant is one player who’s been held up to those lofty standards in recent times. The ‘Slim Reaper’ has extraordinary skills and can shoot the ball from almost anywhere on the court. Durant’s scoring averages are massive, but he never wants to be compared with MJ ever. 

“Mj is one of one, God level, unmatched, unparalled, a pure master at this shit. I’m still watching his games to learn. Leave me out of it, please,” wrote Durant on Twitter in response to Kendrick Perkins. 

Durant brilliantly established that he is still a student of the game while Michael Jordan mastered it long back. As the Nets player put it, Jordan’s feats remain unmatched, and hence, there can be no comparisons for the greatest scorer in the NBA!

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