Carmelo Anthony Finds the Absence of Fans in Orlando Bubble a Boon for Trash Talking

July 27, 2020 4:00 pm

The Portland Trail Blazers are done with their second scrimmage game against the Raptors a day before. Well, their star player, Carmelo Anthony is already liking it out there in the Orlando Bubble. He loves it in the absence of fans since it gives him a clearer ground to trash talk without any noise from the stands.

The 10-time NBA All-Star talked about his liking for the new NBA set up in the post-match conference.

“We gotta be self-motivated in this environment. I mean you can hear everything. There’s nothing that you can’t hear…For me personally, I actually love those type of environments.”

Carmelo Anthony loves the trash-talking bit always

While many would believe it to be a disadvantage without the motivating crowd in the stands, what made Carmelo see the other side of it?

“Honestly, it’s a fun environment to be in and it puts a lot of pressure on guys who may not like those type of environments…We miss the fans and when you’re playing in front of the fans, that noise kind of drowns out a lot of trash talking that goes on there on the court and even from the benches. But out here in this environment…you hear everything from anybody, from everybody.”

We all know Carmelo’s fascination for on-court trash-talking. This time we’ll be able to witness it more clearly without much background noise. Another aspect that he highlighted in the interview was how evident play calling will become on that silent court.

“Play calling, you got to be sharp, you got to execute because everybody is going to hear exactly what plays are being called.”

Portland Trail Blazers are up for regular-season action

The 36-year old will be key for the Blazers in the upcoming playoffs. His experience amongst the youngsters will count as a significant factor for the team. Carmelo was averaging 15.3 points and 6.3 rebounds in 50 games before the season got suspended.

Now that Damian Lillard is also expected to make his appearance in the Thunder match after his foot injury, it’s going to get better for them.

The recent scrimmage that the Blazers played against the Raptors saw Hassan Whiteside playing for 18 minutes. This has raised questions on the deciding factor between him and the return of Jusuf Nurkic.

Blazers will be playing their next scrimmage on 28th July against the Oklahoma City Thunder. The regular season comeback game for them will be on 1st August. Carmelo led Trail Blazers will be up against Memphis Grizzlies.


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