LeBron James and Lakers’ Head Coach Frank Vogel Engage in an Epic Banter Inside Orlando Bubble

July 28, 2020 11:51 pm

Guess what? The GOAT himself is giving out some NBA meme content to us these days. In a press conference this Tuesday, LeBron James had a fancy chair for himself. One of the reporters was right to call it a ‘throne’ for the King.

To this LeBron said, “Absolutely not. It’s one of these hallway chairs everybody sits in”.

Watch Twitter go insane over LeBron James’ throne

This chair definitely became a joke for all the reporters and Lakers beat writers. Moreover, the Tweets were hilarious to the extent that people actually followed up on this to find out which chair James was sitting on during the next conference.

Frank Vogel got a smaller chair is the new joke now

Well, this was just the beginning. Head coach, Frank Vogel also came into the scene after this to make it even more hilarious. Apparently, the chair given to Vogel in the recent interview was quite ordinary.

Well, Vogel doesn’t have a throne like that of LeBron! And this is probably going to turn into a meme very soon.

LeBron did offer his coach the grand chair, but it seems like he’s not getting it.

We’ll have to see if Vogel’s getting a throne the next time he’s there!


Source: Twitter 


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