“My Dark Horse”: Former Miami Heat Superstar Dwyane Wade Predicts Who’ll Clinch the Eighth Seed in the West

August 5, 2020 4:00 pm

With the league coming in to play, 22 teams made it to the Orlando Bubble. While the top teams are fighting amongst themselves for higher seeds on the table, others like the Phoenix Suns and Trail Blazers are eyeing the 8th position for the playoffs. Well, Dwyane Wade has made some predictions after the Suns vs Clippers game.

The season restarted with a few surprises. We witnessed some unexpected and out of the blue wins in the Bubble. So the uncertainty of clinching a place in playoffs is becoming higher.

Phoenix Suns, placed at the 12th slot in the Western standings, have made a promising start to their campaign. Three victories in a row for the Suns and the latest one to Kawhi Leonard‘s Clippers. And now suddenly the Suns are running in the race for securing a spot in the top eight.

Dwyane Wade calls Phoenix Suns the dark horse this season

Portland Trail Blazers were the major contenders out there, but the Suns are gearing up for it as well. According to former Heat star, Dwyane Wade, Suns are the ‘dark horse’ this time.

“My dark horse is the Phoenix Suns. I feel like the pressure is different here for Phoenix. No crowd. This is the time where guys who can play just play basketball can play basketball. You don’t have to worry about all the elements,” Wade told in a recent post-game show on NBA on TNT.

Suns had made it to the winning side against Clippers with a game-winning shot from Devin Booker a day before. Booker recorded game-highest 35 points against Clips big men, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in that game. It was a team effort and a brilliant victory for them.

The Trail Blazers will also be pushing for the same seed, and the San Antonio Spurs are also in the line. It will be interesting to witness who’ll make it to the playoffs. For now, Suns have their next matchup with Indiana Pacers on August 7. Will they continue their winning streak?



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